Monday, July 18, 2016

Couple's Kiss to Stop Kissing in Public 
One couple's kiss lives on 
Another couple's kiss became a problem 

Couple’s Kiss (English sonnet) 

Was there where couple often shared a kiss
Beneath the light of lost and lonely door
And all the world this moment would adore
For all it was a teardrop into bliss
Was there where couple’s kiss became love’s lore
Within the hearts of sighing witnesses
Whose dreams received a blessing from all this
A realm of mystic passion to explore
In time the couple’s door was wiped from sight
By callous hearts in search of something new
Within this mist a loving moment gone
Yet somewhere in a long and lonely night
A lover’s heart dares bare an I love you
It’s there where couple’s kiss will greet the dawn 

A legend comes to life in this English sonnet. This sonnet tells a short story. The first two quatrains begin with the same sentence fragment. This was done to be a haunting lead in to what follows. Using the 4,4, 3.3 form of the English sonnet allows sonnet writers to use a three line resolution, instead of the couplet. 

There are many legends in San Francisco. This sonnet is an encapsulation of one of those legends I heard, while taking one of many of the city's ghost tours. Evidently, there was this young couple in the early 1900's. Kissing was something meant to be private and was not something lovers engaged in public. For some reason this couple couldn't kiss at their homes. They found a secluded doorway, where they met to kiss. It wasn't long before other young lovers found out about our couple and their doorway. These other young couples would hide and watch the comings and goings of our couple from the doorway. Others found out about the couple and the doorway and tried to put a stop to this public indecency. Not only did they fail but other young couples were seen blowing each other kisses when they passed the doorway. Times changed and kissing in public became a little more socially acceptable. The young lover got married and returned to the doorway in memory of those earlier times and those kisses. Them, their kisses. the doorway became a treasured legend of Mission district. Oddly the couple died at the same time a big corporation bought and tore down a building and the doorway. But something even odder happened. It is said that if couple feel a strong urge to kiss in the upper Mission district it is because of the couple and the doorway. 

Was there really a couple? Was there really a doorway? When I heard this story, I was taken to a doorway in the Noe Valley district, where I received my first real kiss from Malona. A legendary moment in my life. Isn't this what a good story is? Something that we can relate to, in our person or our dreams. Look in the mirror and our hero comes to life. No Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Even better. It is us. Real. Real stories. Real legends. Was there really a couple? Was there really a doorway? I love to kiss. Give me another reason. Awaken another dream. And while our mind are settling on the possibilities, enjoy. 

An now a great artist performs a great song: Barbra Streisand "Memory" 

As far as kissing are we moving backwards

On July 16, 1439, King Henry VI banned kissing in England. Now, once again, PDA is becoming a problem. What is PDA? Public Displays of Affection (kissing and hugging and such). Oddly enough, this is becoming a trend (limits on PDA) among the younger set. Matt and Bonnie have a PDA problem. Their friends have gathered for an intervention. 
How will this all turn out? "Stop Kissing in Public!! ft. SUPEReeeGO & Dia Frampton" 

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Some people hear their own inner voices 
with great clearness. And they live by 
what they hear. Such people become crazy... 
or they become legend. 
Jim Harrison 


  1. Sometimes I think we need urban myths. And this is a much nicer one than many. Something to aspire to, rather than shrink away from.

    1. So true. I believe that some day all around us "good news" will flourish. Thank you

  2. Never stop kissing. PDA is what the world needs.

    1. I second that motion!
      Thank you from the Kissing Academy

  3. I had not heard this tale. I am glad of reasons to express love with those we love. Your poem was lovely.

    1. Glad I could share this tale with you.
      Thank you for the encouraging words