Friday, July 1, 2016

Darling Surrender to How to be a Canadian 
A couple surrenders to love 
People surrender to becoming a Canadian 

Darling Surrender (English sonnet) 

My darling surrender to here and now
Where heartbeats and kisses build what will be
And eyes softly closed will teach use to see
Set all else aside let feelings avow
Let us not hold back what yearns to be free
Flowing with moments as dreams show us how
A glimpse of forever will time endow
My darling surrender and walk with me
Let us be a cloud a whisper a breeze
Let us be a stream the rushes the scent
Let us be the dawn refreshment anew
This moment is ours to partake of these
Let us not ponder where wishes went
My darling surrender as shall I too 

Structure is forgotten as lovers give in to the moment in this English sonnet. Beside following the English sonnet form, this sonnet has additional structure. The two quatrain section begin and end with "My darling surrender".  The first triplet is led off with "Let us". This "Let us" is hinted to in the second quatrain. When the sonnet ends "Let us" and "My darling surrender" is called forth one last time, as the speaker agrees to surrender. Message? 

Arlene and I were very lucky. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, at a time when prices were very reasonable (not to mention the deals and freebies that came our way). One of our many favorite things to do was playing tourists. We would visit the various tourist spots, acting like young lovers and interact with other tourists; while acting like tourists ourselves. There was a "genius" in this, besides being fun. By listening, we gained an insight into our world that we took for granted. Strangely, we found out about things about our home that we didn't know, like the Ghost Tour of Chinatown. (Keep in mind this was the time before the computer and the internet.) Arlene and I found out why travelers came here. There was so much to do and we did it. So many memories. So many moments. Arlene and I were very lucky. 

Time is ticking and so should we. Use this, our time to make memories. Make moments. We do not all live in the San Francisco Bay Area. But I have fans who make memories by going to a park and photograph birds. Fans who create and share delicious meals. Fans who crochet. Fans who write delights for us to enjoy. The point is: there is so much to do and enrichment is an individual thing. As Arlene and I found out, there things we take for granted. In today's world, with all of its distractions, I fear this matter is worse. This is our time. This is our moment. This is our life. Life. The most precious gift of all. To use. To live. To enjoy. 

I found this song to go with the poem: Ray Charles and Laura Pausini "Surrender To Love" 

A lot of people want to be a Canadian. So... 

Canada is the most forested country. Roughly 30% of its total landmass is occupied by forest. Could this be why so many want to be Canadian? Or maybe it's envy. Or maybe this is just a rumor that people want to be Canadian. Rumor or not, the folks at IFHT Films have put together an easy to follow video to guide people, wherever they might be, to be a Canadian without leaving their chair.
Warning - IFHT's procedures for becoming a Canadian have not been tested. "How to be a Canadian" 

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Sometimes the heart sees 
what is invisible to the eye. 
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


  1. Hello, I love the poem, very pretty. San Francisco is a beautiful city, so many scenic sights to see and things to do. I think it is fun to play tourist in your own city. Thanks for sharing. Happy 4th of July weekend!

    1. So good to see you.
      Thank you for the kind thoughts.
      Happy 4th of July weekend to you

  2. Taking things for granted (anything) is both silly and sometimes dangerous. Life is full of wonders to appreciate.

    1. Agree!
      Blessed is the one who can take it in.
      Thank you and stay blessed

  3. Another lovely poem and words to think on.