Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Enhance Romance to High School Dance Battle
Form and order are challenged so that a lover's heart may dance
Statues quo is challenged so that enemies may join in dance 

Enhance Romance (sonnet) 

Bring my life purpose and make my soul sing
The source of your smile the fount of your dreams
The meaning of music why your beauty streams
The freedom to grow an eternal spring
Let these be the arms which lighten your day
Your bridge over doubt your confident air
Your will to succeed the blessings you share
Your blankets of Joy which help warm your way
I love you it’s true it shouldn’t surprise
I love you as dew graces morning’s sunrise
I love you as few would try to surmise
I love you the view is there in my eyes
Bring my life purpose and make my heart dance
Let these be the arms which enhance romance 

Form itself challenges this sonnet. Is this really a sonnet? The conflict stanza's (the third quatrain) conflict is that it break a rule of sonnet, Instead of using alternative rhymes, all limes use the same rhyme. But the sonnet rules were broken in the first, second and forth lines. They are not pure iambic pentameter.Yes, this sonnet is loaded with Word Wizardry. Did we notice the lead in to the the third stanza in the first two stanzas? Ironic, with so much going on, we have to ask ourselves: Is this really a sonnet? 

Arlene and I challenged many rules of thinking. We took over coaching our son's, Peter, soccer team. We made a great team. Arlene took care of the parents, and I worked with the kids. Our team was an under nine year old team called the Regulators. They were pretty good, both parents and kids. We had two girls on the team, so we fell under the category of a mixed team. There were boys' teams, girls' teams and mixed teams. Arlene got me thinking. At our team's age there wasn't much of a difference in boys' and girls' physical abilities. Girls could play just as well as boys. Why were we making our kids think that boys were better? Which we believed to be something poor to implant in young minds. We went to work. (Mostly Arlene. She had the gift of gab.) With the help of many parents and a study report done by some of our college friends, we got the league to allow mixed teams to play as a boys' team up to under 12 teams. 

Much of what we believe to be true was implanted in us. Somethings were implanted before we could talk. We live day by day with these things. We accept these things. They are a part of who we are. So we think. If we are satisfied with ourselves, all this may be all well and good. And we should be quite satisfied in ourselves. If we are not happy with that person in the mirror then don't we believe we owe them the time to reflect, a time to discover? Simply the effort the investment shows we care, we are interested. We are better. If we need more, there are avenues we can take. But it all starts by discovering the wonder which is us, and enjoy. 

Back to the lover in the sonnet: 
Paul McCartney "Silly Love Songs" performed by The Warblers 

Oh those high school days. Those high school battles. 

Are you entering high school and considering dance? Then Mayfield Secondary School located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada is the school for you. Only 50 to 60 students are accepted into the dance program each year. Overall, the Dance Program provides students with an incredible opportunity to enjoy the arts while pursuing their studies. Or we can join Scott Winn at Any High School USA. They may not be as good as Mayfield, but they do give geeks and bullies a common enemy. 
And when geeks are no longer bullied shouldn't everybody dance? "HIGH SCHOOL DANCE BATTLE - GYM CLASS DISASTER!" 

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  1. I am having major difficulties commenting here at the moment. Freezing screens and rather a lot of tracking cookies.
    I may be erratic, but it is a computer issue, not a reflection on your poetry.

    1. Sorry to hear that. I am impressed that through it all, you sent me a comment.
      Thank you

  2. What a lovely romantic poem! It's wonderful. I've never much been involved with sports, but I'm glad you and your wife made such a difference.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the poem.
      We are all individuals.
      Thank you