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His Gentle Smile to We Are So Young 
What is the secret of his smile 
Sixteen year olds share the secret of life 

His Gentle Smile (repeating poem) 

There he sits the world now passes by
Something else again has caught his eye
Yet if you ask he’ll offer no reply
The world is trapped within his gentle smile
A landmark they have come to know
This man who offers no hello
Yet all are captured by his glow
A world is spoken there within his smile
No one knows yet tales are sung
Of memories when they were young
And by enchantment they were stung
That world remains reflected in his smile
Amid the moon’s romantic light
Such dancing dream brought stars delight
As countless kisses thrilled the night
This world sustained somewhere in his smile
The realms of love at their command
There never was a love so grand
They held so much within their hand
A world they made a haven in his smile
Times like these not seen for awhile
Mystery captured by love’s guile
Lovers drift on a distant isle
The world is there within his gentle smile 

A legend evolves in this poem. A rhyme of three lines followed by an evolving line. In the end, everything evolves (rhyme-wise) to the last line. 

San Francisco has many legends. This poem is about one of them. I worked very close to the wharf. It was on one of my walks there that I met one of these legends. It was a man who sat on a bench, on the wharf, overlooking the bay. I didn't think much about the man until another walk to the wharf. There was the man; On the same bench. I overheard a couple talking about the man. It seems that he comes and sits on that bench every day. My curiosity sparked, I visited the wharf more often. And there he was. Occasionally there would be flowers at his side. He just sat there with a "dreamy" smile on his face. No one talked to him or disturbed him. There was something magic about him. Something that would be just wrong to disturb such peace. He didn't appear to be a homeless person. People actually came to see him, (Well, come to think of it, so did I.) As I asked around a common picture was painted. True or not; I don't know. It seems there was this girl and a grand romance. What happened varied, depending on who one talked to. It was a Tuesday, when I took one of my strolls to the spot. The man was gone. He never returned. 

Here was a poem and a story about a smile. I can't say enough about a smile. It is our greatest gift to one another. It is our victorious response to those things that try to bring us down. It has so many facets. It is so simple, yet so powerful. A smile transcends all languages. A smile is the spark of the heart and soul. A smile is nature's gift to you, to me, to all of us. With it, we can change the world. With it, we can show confidence in ourselves. And as our smiles greet another day, enjoy. 

Here is a treat for this story: Roy Orbison "Beautiful Dreamer" 

Oh to be sixteen again 

Shocking as it might seem, it is estimated that only 35% of teens socialize with each other in person after school. We have all have been teens, yet we continue to be amazed at teen thinking. Meet The Axis of Awesome. They are an Australian musical comedy act with members Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo and Benny Davis. Though hardly teens themselves, they are about to give us some insight into teenage thinking.
Let's see, non-teens trying to give insight into teenage minds??? "We Are So Young | Music Videos | The Axis of Awesome" 

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A smile is the light in your window that tells others 
that there is a caring, sharing person inside. 
Denis Waitley


  1. This is strongly reminiscent of the Beatles' 'The Fool on the Hill'. A song I have always loved.

    1. The fact about the man is no one truly knew the truth. But he was a tourist attraction based on romantics.
      Thank you for dropping by

  2. Oh now I'm curious of the mans story. Was he waiting or visiting? Only his smile knows.

    1. The truth about the man was that nobody but him knew the truth. Maybe it wasn't a girl at all.
      Thank you. Always nice to see you

  3. A smile can indeed be magical. I enjoyed your poem and your words very much.