Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It Calls To Me to The Starrkeisha Cheer Squad 
What motivates a lover 
What motivates a basketball team 

It Calls To Me (English sonnet) 

It calls to me each instant of the day
With every breath and passing step so clear
From morning light refreshing night it’s near
It calls to me in some enchanted way
It calls to me mid every song I hear
And with each heartbeat I am led astray
To lavish blossom in life’s rich bouquet
It calls to me in every Joyous tear
There was a time when dreams seemed hard to reach
And each day passed as countless years before
No hope no cause no call to harken to
There rose a dawn so rare would heaven breech
The kiss of promise wishes filled with more
It calls to me in every thought of you 

A call of joy forms this this English sonnet. We have two ideas going on. In the first two stanzas we have something calling to a lover, with the words "It calls to me". With the introduction of the triplets, we are directed by the word "There". Then in the end, with the final calling, we find out what was calling the lover. 

Imagine a person who used to walk on top of the world. All the awards won, yet he continued to impress, to inspire. Imagine a person who seemed to have everything. People wanted to be like him, to be with him, to listen to one more "he did what". Suddenly, instantly all that was gone. Everything he was used to was taken from him.  Depressing. Or it would have been. I have a voice calling, a thought calling, a person calling. It is my new wife, Amor. She has seen the wonder that was me. She has been a part of my magic. Now Amor repays me for letting her into my life with an unquestionable love, a joy beyond imagination. A joy which lightens up all my memories. Amor is a wonder. She is my sweetness for any bitterness. How could I be sad with Amor making certain I always have a smile on my face? I have lost so much, but I have found Amor. And with every thought of joy, she calls to me. 

What keeps us going? What helps us get over life's hurdles? What sees us through the night to another dawn? For me it's Amor. For some it is their family. For others it is something inside.  It is similar or different with every individual. And it may change over time or with a given situation. It is our added extra. Our gift (or two,or three...). I believe, we all have this added something. Call it will power. Call it religion. Call it it what you will. What is it for? To make certain that we succeed. And succeed we will. Listen to the call and enjoy. 

And with each call let us dance: Cole Porter "Day and Night" 

There are cheerleaders and there are cheerleaders 

Cheerleading is over 100 years old. On November 2, 1898, Johnny Campbell lead the first cheerleaders at an University of Minnesota football game. Meet Cameron J Henderson, better known as The King Of Weird, not only of Atlanta, Georgia, but of YouTube. Not only is he the captain of a cheer squad, he is the cheer squad. 
Here they, him, he is, rehearsing for the big game. "The Starrkeisha Cheer Squad! @TheKingOfWeird" 

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Hope is like the sun, 
which, as we journey toward it, 
casts the shadow of our burden behind us. 
Samuel Smiles


  1. My Husband, daughter and seeing what the next day will bring. Thats what keeps me going.

    1. Thank you for this beautiful example of the calling

  2. That's an interesting tidbit about the history of cheerleading. Something I did not know before today.

    1. Thank you for stopping by.
      Hope to see more of you

  3. What wonderful words. Hope and love are such an incredible thing. Thank you for your tributes to them.

    1. So happy that you enjoyed.
      Thank you for the encouragement

  4. Love that you were open enough to welcome Amor into your life. If you had barred that door...

    1. I don't even want to think about it...
      Thank you for everything

  5. Replies
    1. So kind of you to say, Susan
      Thank you

  6. I wake up every morning with my 4 precious grandchildren in mind, and that is what keeps me going!! Thanks for another enjoyable read!

    1. That is so grand!
      Thank you and may they always be a blessing