Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let’s Dare To Dream to Fronthand Backhand
Lovers take each other's hand while daring a dream 
A gangster takes a and while learning to play a game 

Let’s Dare To Dream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Let’s dare to dream amidst the satin veils
Where tears of Joy form rivers of delight
Whose echoes whisper secrets to the night
Of adventure promised passed soft trails
Let’s stare at stars which beckon minds astray
While senses send us groping in the dark
Excited by the music of a lark
Upon a meadow were two lovers play
Let’s hold these hands remind them we are here
Where passion has laid claim to many hearts
Who wandered wildly while they were apart
And lost control before their goal was near
Let’s cast a kiss to set our rendezvous
While daring dreams remember I love you 

A stairway to lovers' dreams is laid out in a Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet is an invitation or a prelude. Each stanza begins withe conjunction "Let's". This sonnet is intended as a prelude, to set our minds up for what is not written. In our imagination, we can only wonder what happened after the sonnet is over.

One of Arlene's and my dreams was to have a dance in the Lion House of the San Francisco zoo. In August of 1996 that dream would be realized. It happened that the zoo was planning a major renovation and was renting out parts of the zoo in the evenings, to raise funds. So a dance in the Lion House. The deal included a dinner, limited access to attractions around the Lion House, a free ride on the zoomobile, free transportation to and from the zoo's entrance and  preparations and clean up. Sounds great doesn't it. It was a dream that was not well thought out. To eliminate the stink of the cat's urine the zoo used a chemical that eliminated smells. When the food was served, the odor reducer took away some of the food's smell. Smell is very important part of flavor. Dinner, understandably, wasn't that good. Those who really smart took their food outside. The rest of the dance was dream for Arlene and I as well as for our guests. (A lesson in living dreams.) 

Can dreams come true? An interesting question. Motivational speakers will get up and tell us our dreams can com true. If a person is rich, I would imagine their dreams may come true. For me, and people like me, dreams can come trues. They seem to fall in our footsteps or we work to achieve them. Seeing that so many of my dreams came true, it is easy for me to tell others their dreams can come true. But can they really? I do know this: Everyone can choose to think positive. There is power and a beginning in that. Try it. Turn a bad into some positive. When we are feeling down, find a positive to hold on to. Then we'll find out if dreams really can come true.  Then we will find new avenues of fullness, and enjoy. 

Here is one more love dream: Franz Liszt "Liebestraum" 

There are games that are impossible to win 

A game that is almost impossible to beat is the carnival Balloon Dart Throw. Why? Balloons are under-inflated to deflect even well-thrown carnival darts, which are often lighter than store-bought types. Keegan-Michael Key, disguised as Lawrence, shows Jordan Peele, disguised as Tyrell, how to play a new game that is impossible to win. (Notice I didn't say beat.) 
What makes this game impossible to win? The answer makes this even funnier. "Key & Peele - Fronthand Backhand" 

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You have to dream 
before your dreams can come true. 
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


  1. I do believe that many dreams can indeed come true - so long as we are prepared to be flexible about the detail. Even if some of the evening didn't excell you and Arleen did dance in the lion enclosure. Dream achieved. If you had demanded perfection of the whole evening? Perhaps not.

    1. I believe dreams come true too. But I lived a great life.
      Thinking positive is a good start.
      Thank you, as always

  2. Dreams can come true. One only has to dare to dream, then use some common sense and elbow grease.

    1. This is the belief of a very successful school of thinking.
      So you are in excellent company.
      Thank you and hope to see more of your good advise

  3. Ive had wishes come true, not sure about dreams. Im still waiting for that one.

    1. Reading your blog,It is hard to believe your dreams aren't waiting to be a part of your wonder.
      Maybe the next corner.
      Thank you

  4. Daring to dream is a beautiful thing as are your words...

  5. Some dreams do come true, even for people who never remember what they dreamed about in the first place :) Loved the music clip and the quote by the President...Positivity is the cornerstone of a contented life.

    1. Great comment!
      Thank you for this wonderful addition to this edition