Saturday, July 16, 2016

Love Went With Us to Stop Living in a "Sad Boy House" 
The joys of love 
To the sadness of a "Sad Boy House" 

Love Went With Us (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Love went with us exploring each new day
Our dreams were really never far from sight
Visions which could steal a heart away
Enticed our eyes to see a brighter light
What little scars each day’s exploring wrought
Each night our love would sweetly kiss to bed
Nothing but stars to bar the Joys we sought
To gather dreams love put inside our head
Wild wind would whirl around to shake our love
In search of ways to blow us few apart
To cloud the way beyond the stars above
Here were the times we’d run back to our start
Unsure just how we weathered so much fuss
Secure in this though there love went with us 

An acrostic poem joins a Shakespearean sonnet. An acrostic poem turned into a sonnet. Not only that, the beginning of the first line and the end of the last line are the message of the sonnet. Plus this sonnet contains some hidden word play. 

This poem is about a couple that love kept together. A couple whose husband was a key speaker in a forming spiritual group that the wife didn't understand. Where photography was bringing a maddening parade of models into and through their house. A couple who if she wasn't spending too much money, he was. A wife who constantly worried because her husband would engage in one extreme exploit after another. A husband whose clothing outfits were out there somewhere. A couple who experienced the highs and lows of life. A couple who didn't see eye to eye on the roles of a parent. Fights, mistrusts, chaos, change, the unexpected waiting around every corner. A couple who people said shouldn't be together, who wouldn't last. Arlene and I were that couple. It was love that kept is together. It was a wonder filled life. It was a dream. A gift from love. 

I'm sure Arlene and I weren't the only couple plagued by problems, challenges. Relationships are challenged as are all aspects of life. Some challenges are grand. Some challenges are small. Some challenges go unnoticed. To make matter more confusing: What is a challenge, but a disturbance. How does a human experience anything? Something disturbs our senses. Taste is a disturbance. Even a kiss is enjoyed (or not enjoyed) via disturbances. If our lover kisses us, its wonderful. But if our grandmother kisses us, its... There are ways and things to help meet our challenges. Love is one of the all encompassing things. Love is a difficult thing to define. Perhaps it is not meant to be defined. Love can ease physical pain. Love can do many, bring many things to a relationship. Love can bring us strength and wisdom. Love can open doors. Many believe that perfect love does not disturb anything. Many believe that love is the ultimate way. The truth of love is that it all begins here. Enjoy. 

Now, what song can we pull out for love: Michael Buble "L.O.V.E." 

Many believe some joy is born of sadness 

According to Chatelaine (magazine) many men in their early 20s devote their brainpower to two main things: how they can play the field to perfection, and which career path to take. College Humor has a somewhat different view. It has something to do with the "Sad Boy House". It isn't quite as positive as Chatelaine's view of men, but it sure is funnier. 
If you are one of those living in a "Sad Boy House" remember this: there are people laughing. 'Stop Living in a "Sad Boy House'" 

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A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, 
and man cannot live without love. 
Max Muller


  1. When I hear of couples who have 'never had a cross word', I assume that one of them is denying their true feelings. Conflict is not necessarily bad. And making up is imperative. And fun.

    1. I tend to agree with you.
      Thank you you for this valuable input

  2. Ive never heard Love be defined. Ive always felt that if you would give up
    Life to let another live, thats love.

    1. Some ave tried to define it. They got what they found.
      Stay open and you will partake of more.
      Thank you