Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lover And The Moon to Me Too Mom Parody 
A look inside the struggles of a lover 
A look inside the struggles of a mom 

Lover and the Moon (English sonnet) 

One night a lover chanced to ask the moon
Why a shroud of clouds then hid its light
What was there so much different tonight
Why the air now bears a different tune
He asked the moon if all things were alright
He asked the moon what changes had been strewn
But in the silence chose not to commune
But chose to hide the teardrops out of sight
And so the lonely lover waited there
Beyond the need for reason to explain
Amidst a mist of memories they share
Amidst the Joys that blossomed from the pain
Tomorrow’s sun would shine upon this pair
But just for now they settled into rain 

A lover searches for answers in this English sonnet. This sonnet is divided into quatrains and couplets. In the quatrains a lover turns to the moon for answers. His love affair has gone sour. With the couplets he waits his answer. When the answer does come, it is left unclear if it comes from the moon or from within. 

There in our small Richmond district apartment Arlene and I had more than our fair share of lovers' quarrels. What were the causes? Was it leaving our dream palace in the sky? Was it looking after Arlene's mom, whose husband had just died? Was the magic of our wedding wearing off? Was it all over? I can't tell you, how many nights I slammed the door behind me and went for a walk. Yes, I talked to the moon. (It didn't talk back.) On these walks I did get the strong feeling that all this will pass. Arlene and I were meant to be together. Yet one more fight. One more walk. One more reason to stay. Finally Arlene and I moved and things got better. Something kept us together. 

Sometimes the waters of life turn rough. Day after day seem to turn to forever. Troubles have chosen us as their favorite toy. Maybe it's a relationship. Maybe it's something else. Maybe it's a combination of things. What are we to do? First and most important: Trust in yourself. This is where it all begins. From there, then what? Arlene and I decided to make a drastic change and move. This course of action may not be right or available for everyone. Change may not be the right course to take. In today's world help is available like never before. Don't be afraid. Seek it out. Trust in yourself. Trust that the waters will again be calm. Trust that we are masters of this wonder, all around and enjoy. 

Here's someone who has problems of her own: Dinah Washington "Cry Me A River" 

Only a mom can take stress and turn it into a song 

Mothers are the world's best jugglers: family, work, money. However, all that responsibility can often leave moms feeling overstretched and stressed out. According to an APA survey, women are more likely to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress than men. Here to give us some insight into the stresses of motherhood is Deva Dalporto, of My Life Suckers. 
Magically, according to the American Psychological Association, music has been found to be a major stress reliever. "Meghan Trainor - Me Too Mom Parody" 

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We don't develop courage by being 
happy every day. We develop it 
by surviving difficult times and 
challenging adversity. 
Barbara de Angelis


  1. 'This too will pass' (attributed to a Sufi philosopher), and Julian of Norwich's famous quote 'All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.' have kept me going often.

    1. Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to this edition

  2. What a beautiful poem. I think most people have troubles sometimes. I loved these lines especially "Tomorrow’s sun would shine upon this pair
    But just for now they settled into rain"

  3. Beautiful poem! I guess we all have to trust that we will survive the hard times.
    Enjoy your evening and have a happy new week ahead!

    1. Thank you
      Beautiful words from a beautiful person