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Magic Tear to Magician Earns Golden Buzzer 
The legend of the magic tear 
A magician becomes legendary on  America's Got Talent 

Magic Tear (English sonnet) 

May never know the meaning of that night
Nor magic held within a special tear
It happened when the last farewell was near
And curtains drew on days of Joy’s delight
She tried to hold facade of pleasant cheer
That smile might keep this moment always bright
Last time had come to bare her dream to light
Last time had come but words would disappear
But then a single tear escaped her eye
It found its mark upon a young man’s arm
That night the words the world danced in this dew
That night he dreamed of heaven’s days gone by
The morning sang of beauty and her charm
From night a tear such fairytales came true 

A beautiful legend become an English sonnet. To try and capture an important moment in 14 kines was a challenge. If the sonnet seems somewhat sketchy, it captures the fist line of the sonnet. The tale reaches its high point at end of the second stanza when the first words of lines three and four are repeated. One can feel the girl's pain. 

This sonnet is about the legendary tear. My teacher, Mr Land, got me a spot in a musical, "Once Upon A Mattress" at a girl's school. I landed the male lead part, Prince Dauntless. Imagine, a boy loose in a girl's school. I met Arlene there. She was nothing special. Just the pianist in the orchestra. Just one of the girls that I hung out with. On the final night, when the performance was over, I said my final goodbyes to everyone. I had a good time. I had no plans of ever returning. I bumped into Arlene just as I was leaving the building. She was sad, but so were many others. We shook hands and said our goodbyes. Just then I felt a tear fall on my right arm. I didn't think much of it. Many of the girls were crying. 

That night I dreamed about Arlene. The next day, at school, I couldn't get Arlene out of my mind. I did not feel like this during the days at her school during rehearsals. I had to see her. After school, I headed straight to Arlene's school. I made it there in time for the final bell. I can still remember, one by one the girls' heads popping out the second story windows shouting, "He's there!" The next thing that I remember is the front doors slamming open as Arlene ran into my waiting arms. It was there, in front of a library, across the street of Arlene's school, in front of her school mates, Arlene and I enjoyed our first kiss. It was there many more fairytales would start. 

Does magic really exist? Was a tear really magical? Have we ever gone to a performance of magic? There is a big difference in trying to figure out how an illusion is done and simply enjoying the show. Is there really magic? What difference does it matter as long as nothing is being harmed? Do the stars twinkle brighter? Do the flowers smell sweeter? Does it effect the love we feel for that someone? Will a wonder filled world be more wonderful? Does magic really exist? Look around and enjoy. 

To bring this all to a close what would be more fitting than: Peter Udell "Sealed With A Kiss" 

While we're on the subject of magic 

Jonathan Paul Dorenbos is a football long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. He has been named for the Pro Bowl twice. Jonathan is also a magician. A professional magician. He has performed in Las Vegas and Hollywood. Recently he took on the judges on the eleventh season of America's Got Talent. 
With Simon Cowell on the panel of judges, we know there is more to the amazement we are about to see. "Jon Dorenbos: Football-Playing Magician Earns Golden Buzzer From Ne-Yo - America's Got Talent 2016" 

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If you see the magic in a fairy tale, 
you can face the future. 
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  1. What a beautiful poem. The closing lines "The morning sang of beauty and her charm
    From night a tear such fairytales came true" especially enthralled me and what a sweet story of you meeting your love.

    1. Seeing your art, I'm certain you also have many wonder filled stories.
      Thank you for sharing your feelings

  2. Analysis can become over analysis v quickly. It doesn't matter where those magical moments began. What does matter is that they did and you and Arleen made the most of them.

    1. Again, I so agree
      Thank you for this affirmation

  3. Magic is just an illusion by sight, but magic in your heart is real and will last a lifetime. Just my thoughts, Thanks for another enjoyable read.

    1. That's amazing!
      Thank you for sharing this insight