Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Remember The Pledge to Cake Slingshot 
What was that pledge that started it all 
Where did tat chocolate cake come from 

Remember The Pledge (English sonnet) 

Stars lit a pathway for ever to view
Remember that warm golden summer’s night
When everything waited on our delight
Remember the scents as wishes came true
Whispered horizons appeared in our sight
Remember the seasons hearts wondered through
As kisses from mist made reasons undo
Remember the pledge our souls would recite
And mornings gave way to another day
As moments became a palace of past
This temple of Joy cemented by dew
Still in the quiet when sun slips away
Searching the stars from a pathway now vast
Remember the pledge to always love you 

A memory brings together this English sonnet. In this sonnet a statement is brought together by a memory. This continues until the conflict stanza (the first triplet). With the final line, the memory returns and the main resolution to the sonnet shines through. 

Ah yes, Arlene and I had a beautiful wedding, It was a perfect day. It was the day we said our wedding vows. But long before that two young lovers pledged to love each other, no matter what. It happened on April 27, 1966, at Lloyd's Lake in Golden Gate Park. It would be our second anniversary (after our wedding anniversary, July 27). Not only did Arlene and I celebrate this day every April 27, but after most harsh arguments and whenever the mood hit us. The celebrations wouldn't require anything big. It could be as simple as pulling out a scrapbook or going over one or two of the volumes of love letters Arlene had saved. We would have a drink out of champagne glasses (even if the drink was just soda). Then, with a kiss, we would renew our pledge: To love each other no matter what. 

Two teenagers made a pledge Through the rough and tumbles of then till now, they made it. Was it love, luck. determination, magic, or something else? Whatever it was; we have a beautiful picture. One of many beautiful pictures that seasons this life. Pictures for me. Pictures for you. I believe that everyone has beautiful pictures. Equally beautiful pictures. Beautiful to the heart that receives them. I believe that there are some things that are not meant to be compared. Just taken in. A new sun rise is coming. Let us greet it with one more beautiful memory in our smile.Let us paint just one more beautiful moment and enjoy. 

How about a great love song: Norbert Russ "Samba Pa Ti" 

I hope we all like cake 

According to Duncan Hines, based on sales, America's favorite cake is chocolate. Since chocolate is America's favorite cake, let's let them have it. That's what singer Peter Hollens and his wife Evonne said. And let's sing while we;re doing it. Sounds good to us, Devin Graham of Devin Super Tramp, who supposedly likes chocolate cake. 
So if you like chocolate cake, watch your head. "Portal in Real Life - Cake Slingshot with Peter Hollens!" 

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  1. You have such beautiful memories, warms my heart. Poor youngsters, they'll never have photos or letters to re-read...

    1. Thank you for your warm regards.
      I'm sure there are romantics out there

  2. What lovely memories and words. You have such a beautiful way of composing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you,I am so honored. Look up Lloyd's Lake. It might make a good background.