Thursday, July 7, 2016

Somewhere In Time to "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" (Bad Lip Reading) 
Somewhere in time two lovers exist 
Somewhere in time two high school sweethearts meet  

Somewhere In Time (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Somewhere in time was placed a rendezvous
Somewhere in time was set a memory
A place where every dream I had came true
And set the stage for fancies to fly free
Somewhere in time my lover waits for me
Somewhere in time forever there is this
It waits for us to laugh at destiny
It’s there we bare the promise of a kiss
And dreams before the need for this abyss
Where there is still no reason to let go
Search this to find the secret of our bliss
Turn to what’s true and you already know
Somewhere in time the reason we are here
While we still love all this won’t disappear 

A special place for two make up this Shakespearean sonnet. Once again a word form is set up in the first two quatrains with "Somewhere in time". It disappears in the conflict stanza (the third quatrain). The words return as the sonnet is resolved with the rhyming couplet. 

Arlene and I gave up our palace in the sky when Arlene's father died. Arlene wanted to be close to her mother. We were lucky to find an apartment doors away from Arlene's old home in the Richmond district (also known as Little Chinatown). It wasn't long till the mourning was over. Arlene and I realized what we did, We gave up our fairytale palace in the sky. Although the Richmond district is quite nice, reality set in. Things were changing. Gone were "those" moments. Gone is that young couple who lived in a fantasy. We began to argue. Our arguments got worse and worse, until we decided to get away from it all. It was over a candlelight dinner, at the La Playa, in Carmel, that Arlene and I had our awakening. Here we are. We were still together. The memories we made are not dead. They are here. There are memories waiting to be made. Waiting for us. And while we love each other this won't disappear. 

As special, as precious as our moments are, they all become memories. We can try to recreate, as close as possible, those moments, but we can never relive what has passed. Memories tend to be seasoned by our feelings. Moments of the past tend to change from what really happened. Life is all about change. The things we enjoy now may not always be around. It's okay, every now and again, to miss them. But let me present this idea: To show how much we cherish the memories made, face tomorrow with the power, the light they have made in us. We are products of our memories. Glory our memories by making more. Celebrate our memories with hope. And as each new memory unfolds, enjoy.

Here is some music to make a memory by: Jacob Gurevitsch "Lovers in Paris" 

Ah those high school memories 

High School Musical is a teen/romantic comedy musical television film and the first installment in the High School Musical trilogy and was one of Disney Channel's most watched film with 7.7 million viewers. Now here's a new idea. Bad Lip Reading and Disney XD Present have put out this comedy of an episode before the real episode is even aired. (The real episode is on Monday, July 11 at 11AM on Disney XD) 
We'll have to watch the July 11 episode to find out the real words these teenagers were singing. "'HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL' (SNEAK PEEK) — Bad Lip Reading and Disney XD Present:" 

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Memories are the key not to the past, 
but to the future. 
Corrie Ten Boom


  1. Yes. Cherish the memories by all means - but put the work into making more as well...

    1. Exactly,
      Thank you for seconding the concept

  2. Moments and memories are so precious, thank you for that reminder this day. In your poem, I especially loved these words "Somewhere in time the reason we are here
    While we still love all this won’t disappear "

    1. Thank you for your thoughts.
      I so happy it struck a chord