Sunday, July 10, 2016

Starry Eyed Stranger to If Boyfriend Acted Like Your Dog 
There is the story of hope and the stranger 
There is the story of laughter and the boyfriend 

Starry Eyed Stranger (story poem) 

His troubles were more than a few
Perhaps he had more than was due
To all of this he had that too
Oh what was this poor boy to do
Appeared this stranger by his side
His face aglow all starry eyed
Who promised him a place to hide
Just follow me outside he cried
Her world was one of grief and woe
Without a soul she didn’t owe
Amid her days there was no glow
Oh where was this poor girl to go
Appeared this stranger starry eyed
A world of promise waits outside
Just follow me awhile he cried
I’ll show you where your hopes may hide
A couple drenched in misery
Their anguish was their daily fee
Was this the love once meant to be
Oh where could this poor couple flee
Appeared a glow as stranger cried
Why do you mope what do you hide
And with his face so starry eyed
They gladly went with him outside
And there they stood nothing to hide
One common strength in Joy they cried
Once troubled souls now side by side
Gazing ahead all starry eyed
Appeared a stranger dream come true
Forgotten hope near me and you
And when our glow has lost its hue
Oh what would this poor stranger do

A mysterious stranger walks into a couple's life and into this story poem. If one didn't notice, there is a structure to this poem. First it deals with a guy. Then it deals with a girl. This is followed by the couple. Then is the conclusion. Did we notice that the starry eyed stranger stanzas began rhyming with "eyed"? In the end of the poem the "eyed" rhyme was transferred to the couple. Why? 

I had a starry eyed stranger walk into my life. Arlene and I just purchased a house in San Francisco. There were, what seemed like, tons of little things that needed repair or attention. There was the mysterious behavior of the house that needed to be solved. Things at work didn't help as they were turning bad. Into my life walks E.Z. Down. E.Z. was a homeless person who sold a newspaper called The Street Sheet (a fundraising street newspaper which focuses on the problems of homeless people in the city), He talked me into buying one of his papers. For the rest of the day thing were better at work. I ran into E.Z. again and bought another paper; That evening I came across a great deal on window shades, which I really needed. Over time, I began to talk to E.Z.. As it turned out E.Z. Down wasn't really his name. He was a nice enough fellow/ One wouldn't think him homeless at all. Over time, I began to believe E.Z. and The Street Sheet were bringing me luck. Things were getting better. After about a year I was flying high again. I credit E.Z. and The Street Sheet for my change in circumstances. Strangely E.Z. disappeared. Was it really this stranger and his newspaper that got me through a rough time in my life? Maybe yes. Maybe no. I enjoy believing that a starry eyed stranger did.

Life is a marvel. I was going through a rough period and life's circumstances caused me to cross paths with this person. There are are many logical and rational explanations for what happened to me. Toss in coincidence and everything can be neatly explained. But the fact remains, I did meet E.Z. when I did. Another fact is: It is my life. I believe, as long as it doesn't effect anyone else we are all free to believe whatever we want. As long as it does not effect any else. It is our life. It is our time to experience. Life is a marvel. We can explain it away or we can enjoy.

Some inspiration to go with this theme: 
Steen Thottrup feat. Annette Berg "Heading for the Sunrise" 

Is there such a thing as a perfect boyfriend 

Most dog owners get the recommended minimum 30 minutes of exercise a day, lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease and keeping them in better overall shape. What about girls with boyfriends? Or, what about girls with boyfriends who act like dogs? Okay, okay, maybe I went too far, But in case I've raised some curiosity, BuzzFeed has put out a video on the matter. 
Ladies, you think your boyfriend is a dog... "Stuff Your Dog Does That’d Be Rude For Your Boyfriend To Do" 

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The appearance of things change according 
to the emotions, and thus we see magic 
and beauty in them, while the magic 
and beauty are really in ourselves.
Kahlil Gibran


  1. I love that even when times were tough you were prepared to reach out and help someone else. And recognise his problems. A starry eyed stranger, or a reward for kindness? Which ever it was I am glad.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment

  2. I do believe people cross our path with a purpose, some to lift us, some for us to lift. Life is wonderful that way. And you must believe it to be true.

    1. Thank you for this marvelous added thought.
      I'm from the same school of thinking

  3. That is interesting regarding E.Z.
    People do come into our lives for a 'reason', even if at the time we don't know what the 'reason' is, but later it all makes sense.

    1. I'm beginning to think that the comments are better than the article!
      Thank you for wowing me

  4. Universe senses us and god sends help through different ways..................

    1. I like the way you put it.
      Thank you for dropping by

  5. Hello, I would think you helped EZ and EZ helped you. Acts of kindness can be repaid in many ways. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

    1. I have never thought about that. (helping EZ).
      I am a firm believer in acts of kindness.
      Thank you