Sunday, July 3, 2016

Terror By The Night to Batman's A Bitch 
What terror haunts a man 
What terror turns Batman into a bitch 

Terror By The Night (lyrical poem) 

I felt the stranger there lurking in the night
Amidst the shadow’s glow
The moonlight couldn’t know
The terrors it might sow
There midst the fog of the night
Oh is there someone please listen to my plight
In bed at home alone
Afraid to reach the phone
In touch with my unknown
Trapped in the snare of my plight
It was the terror by the night
Created out of my own plight
A vision hidden from my sight
Created for my own delight
I know its waiting there somewhere out of sight
The tension that it owns
To take its final toll
What is it that I owe
Made me the key of its sight
Why can’t I stop this please what is its delight
To put my soul in tow
A face that couldn’t show
My ending soon to know
Shared in some stranger’s delight
It was the terror by the night
Created out of my own plight
A vision hidden from my sight
Created for your own delight

Nightmare's shadow and delight join to form this lyrical poem. This lyrical poem follows the pattern of two verse followed by a chorus. The beats are kept tight so that the whole poem fits into a song. Notice the last four rhyming words of the chorus. They are the last words of the verses. Also notice the third verse. It is at this point that the poem reaches the height of confusion and frustration. To symbolize this, instead of rhymes the last words merely sound alike. 

Before Chevron I used to work at a restaurant downtown. As part of my duties, I cleaned the restaurant's large grill. This meant the owner, David , and I would be the last to leave the restaurant at around midnight. On my walks to the bus stop I began to notice I was being followed. One night I caught a glimpse of a shadow following me, when I chanced to look over my shoulder. It was there alright. Oddly, it disappeared when I reached the bright lights of the bus stop. This went on several nights. Although I remained unharmed, I grew more and more nervous. I mentioned it to David. He said the same thing was happening to him. He suggested that I stay until he finished his daily book keeping and we would walk to the bus stop together. I did. Now we have a young  and old man followed by a shadow. One might think that two men together might make the situation a bit easier. But back then, on the empty downtown streets of San Francisco could work an imagination or two. What was this shadow now plaguing David and I? Why wouldn't it leave us alone? David and I talked to each other, to ease our discomfort and as a message to the shadow following us. But in David's voice I could sense his discomfort and I'm sure he mine. One night a police car happened by. David ran up to it shouting, "There's something following us! There's something following us!" After some driving around and investigation, the officers said to us that they couldn't find anyone. The officers drove by on the next two nights as David and I were walking to the bus stop. We were never bothered by the shadow again. What was the shadow? Looking back, I can't help but feel much of the shadow was our fear. 

Was the shadow real? It all depends on how we want to look upon the situation. It is clear David and I were adding (whatever) to the situation. It is easy to say, from a safe distance, we should have stood up to our situation. The lesson learned from this is that our feelings can add to a situation. Bad feelings can make a situation worse. Good feelings can make a situation better. With this in mind, wouldn't we all want a life a little better? We may not have enough money (or any bad situation like that) but a positive attitude can add some light to a dark moment. Plus, a positive attitude can actually set light on a situation. Likes attract likes. People prefer to be positive. We all prefer to be positive. The more the better. And as we venture forth on our positive path, enjoy. 

How about we enjoy some shadow music: Rod Temperton "Thriller Theme" 

It is suggested Batman lovers go no further 

Released  March 20, 2016. the critic revues on "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" are mixed. The bottom line is this $250 million movie has earned $871 million, so far. Rumor has it that Batman is high dissatisfied with the whole situation. At least that's what Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh, who started the rumor, are saying. Maybe that's why Batman is acting a little batty. 
Rumor has it Ian and Anthony are using their rumor for their latest video. "BATMAN'S A BITCH RETURNS" 

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If you know the enemy and know yourself 
you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. 
Sun Tzu


  1. I agree, our feelings can send us into a state of panic, or the us to a place of peace. Still, your story is spooky, you're a good story teller *smiles*

    1. Quite a compliment coming from you
      I'm honored
      Thank you

  2. Yes. And no. We can indeed amplify our feelings (good and bad). However, some bad feelings do need to be faced. Without question there are people who never made it home again who ignored a bad feeling.

    1. I really appreciate your valuable input.
      Thank you for adding to this edition

  3. Hello, What a scary story. Facing our fears can be difficult and I agree we all would like a better easy life. Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. This legend gets better with the years.
      Thank you. All the best to you