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The Night Was Calling to The Bothering - College Donations 
The night now calls to him 
Her college looking for fund now calls to her 

The Night Was Calling (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The night was calling silently he slept
With dreams and themes and Joys of yet to come
Believing that tomorrows were well kept
To scents of life’s misfortune he was numb
The night was falling further on he went
To places traces splendors with his wife
For them it seems that fantasies were meant
As hand in hand they sampled thrills of life
The night was sprawling stillness took him on
No gloom no doom could wrench him from this sleep
His needs beyond his memories are gone
The days and years and morning tears now reap
The night was calling things are swept aside
Was on a night like this his love had died 

Word Wizardry adds some softness to the finality this Shakespearean sonnet. The quatrains contain some playful Word Wizardry. Beats 4 and 5 rhyme in all the first lines. Lines two contain rhymes within rhymes. Then comes the rhyming couplet. The playfulness disappears as the truth appears. 

On the night of August 22, 2002 Arlene died. I miss her so. We met in 1966. We had a grand wedding and a perfect day on July 27 1974. She was only 49 (4 month shy of her 50th birthday) when she died. With the remarkable help of my family, friends and associates I made it through this harsh time in my life. Another thing that saw me through was increasing my charitable activities. But there came the nights. At first the nights were very painful. Then came the truth of it. Yes, Arlene died too young and I miss her so. But we lived a fairytale. We lived a life others only dream about. I could give into sadness and let it it eat away at, steal from me all the beauty and grandeur of a time well lived. Or I could revel in moments well made. I could be a testament of a wonder-filled person. The joy of Arlene. Oh yes,  I can still be sad, but there was a couple... 

I still firmly believe that life is wonderful. I, who have lost so much, as have many, many others. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. We don't know, for sure, what is waiting around the next corner. We only have the present. Make the most of this. For all of this will become our memories, and memories can be stepping stones for our future. It is human nature to be positive. Believe it or not there is wonder in us all. So we have human nature plus the wonder that is us (two things) pulling on our behalf. What is holding us back? Sure, we cannot drop everything and go world traveling now. But what can we do now? How many cannots are we able to change to can? One extra kiss. One extra smile. One extra something to add to our treasure chest of time well lived. And when the night calls we will find reasons to enjoy. 

To go with this theme, here's: Roy Todd "Child Of The Troubles" 

Who can forget those college days 

At $51,300 a semester, according to U.S. News, Vassar College of New York is the most expensive college in America. It is no secret that college is expensive. To help lower costs some colleges have turned to alumni for donations. The folks at Above Average Productions thought this might make a good movie. A horror movie.  
Here is the trailer for Above Average's new movie, NOT coming to a theater near you. "The Bothering: Your College Won’t Stop Asking For Donations" 

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Find a place inside where there's joy, 
and the joy will burn out the pain. 
Joseph Campbell


  1. The loss of a loved one, a soul mate is very sad...but life goes on.

    1. For me it did.
      Thank you and I hope you found some inspiration

  2. What a beautiful and elegant poem. I especially liked "His needs beyond his memories are gone" I am sorry for your loss.

    1. So glad it moved you.
      Thank you for the warm regards

  3. I am glad that you were able to find your way forward again. I sometimes think that staying locked in grief is a form of disrespect for the love and magic that you shared. It somehow negates it. But it isn't easy to move forward. Not easy at all. And of course you still miss her.

    1. Thank you so much for your words of strength