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The River Of Life to Secret Pokemon Catch 
What is the secret of this river 
What is the secret character in Pokemon 

The River Of Life (Martin verse) 

By river of life what flowers there grow
Oasis in time what secrets there flow
Alone in this desert that only we know
Please sing me of love and then I must go
The scent of her Joy so eager to share
The song from her lips brought promise to air
The hope in my heart it now lingers there
The world I once knew is drifting somewhere
It’s here by this river my dreams did grow
Each sweet memory her kisses did air
If peace can be found surely it was there
Wherever she leads me gladly I’ll go
What madness of mind does this river share
That moments of love again through me flow
And makes me rethink the truth that I know
The world I once knew is waiting somewhere
Just this one last sip before I must go
To finally rest where only you know
The labors I bear away from me flow
By river of life what flowers there grow 

A symphony in rhyme bring meaning to this Martin verse. I was inspired by the symphonic style of music when I came up with this style of poetry. We start with four rhyming words. Then we come up with four more rhyming words. In the next two stanzas we mix the the two sets of rhyming words together. In the last stanza, the first set of rhyming words are back, but in reverse order. To add a bit of drama, I try to make the first and lase lines the same. A Martin verse.  

This poem is about my belief in the river of life. I was extremely fortunate to enjoy a wonder-filled journey. Even more blessed, I was able to bask in the glories of the the sun with two wonderful women. First there was Arlene, who was my partner. With her by my side (sometimes in front, sometimes behind), I was able to appreciate things that I would have missed. She made up for many of my shortcomings. What a world we experienced. What a life we had. What flowers we enjoyed. Then came Amor. We had a great journey. But life turned less kind to me. Yet there was Amor. The perfect person for this part of the journey. With Amor how can there be sadness? Thanks to her I can still make out the flowers at the banks, as well as the flowers I remember. One more point about Amor and the poem: The bad things that I went through are disappearing, as well as my concerns about my present challenges. 

We are all journeying on the river of live. Flowing through the nights. Flowing through the days. And there by the banks are the flowers. Those things for us to enjoy. Those things flowing on their own river. And we are one of the flowers on their bank. And there are the oceans. And there are the clouds. And there is the rain. Isn't life wonderful? And we are a part of that wonder. Think about this one. Would the river be the same without us? Remember the flowers. Considering how special we are, take in our experience to the fullest, and enjoy.

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Pokemon Go is everywhere 

Though the concept for Pokemon Go was conceived in 2014 by Satoru Iwata of Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pok√©mon Company, the actual game was produced by Niantic, Inc., of San Francisco. The game's popularity is no secret, Pokemon is everywhere. Just when fans, of the game, think they know it all something new pops up. Throwing their hats in the "something new" area are the folks of Nukazooka. They think that they have found a secret to Pokemon. 
One more reason why not to play Pokemon while driving. "Secret Pokemon Catch! - Pokemon GO IRL" 

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Nothing is ever the same. 
Rivers are symbolic of our lives, 
moving and ever-changing. 
Movement is life. We feel freedom 
as we move with the currents… 
Alexandra Stoddard 


  1. I like that quote a lot. Your poem is lovely, rivers change, flowers are lovely but fade as well. I am glad you have such a rich appreciation for what is beautiful in your life.

    1. Wow. Such warm thoughts!
      Thank you for brightening my day

  2. Great poem? Sometimes I feel like my river of life is full of rocks, but my husband is my boat.

    1. Smooth waters are ahead.
      Hang tight
      Thank you for the compliment

  3. Life is wonderful, and you can't let it pass you by on your journey. I choose happiness every day!! Thanks enjoy your work as always.

    1. What a delightful comment!
      I totally agree
      Thank you