Thursday, July 14, 2016

Their Days to Couples Therapy 
One couple deals with a past left behind 
Another couple seeks out help at therapy 

Their Days (Shakespearean sonnet) 

She waits for him in places long ago
In silence sits her sweet and faithful heart
She sees in him the one she use to know
Before their days have driven them apart
He tries so hard to make the ends all meet
There is no time for pleasures of the past
He sees her cry and senses his defeat
Before were days which were let go too fast
It seems that they don’t talk much anymore
The problems which they share they bear alone
They cannot see the key to answer’s door
So much in love they suffer on their own
Yet in their darkness they reach out a hand
And pray the other still will understand 

Something more unites a couple in this Shakespearean sonnet. There is a problem in this sonnet. First we get her side of it. Then, as the story goes on, we get his side of the story. Then we step back and view the problem as a couple. In the rhyming couplet comes a possible solution. 

The days of the palace in the sky we gone. Arlene and I had a small apartment in the Richmond district. A teenage love was now a memory. We both felt how the world we once have known was changing. No longer were our eyes clouded by love. Arlene and I could clearly see the problems. And they seemed everywhere. I still feel the shame of that night. Arlene and I where arguing. I don't remember the cause, but it was bad. I slapped Arlene across her face. I remember the shock of it. The shame. The shame. I crouched down in my darkness. My mind was looking for a place to hide. In my despair, I felt a hand. It was Arlene. I couldn't kiss her. I could only hold her and ask for forgiveness. In a small apartment in the Richmond district, Arlene gave me another great gift. I began to listen. It was like that shame had turned on a switch. It would still take me years to become a good listener. (I would never hit Arlene again.) Shortly after we moved into a large flat and became that disco prince and his princess. 

Listening. Many people like to talk but few know how to listen. Not just to the words, but to their meaning. In my opinion, the art of being a good listener is one of the most valuable achievements an individual can attain. People tend to gravitate toward a listener. A listener who doesn't cast judgement. Who doesn't add opinion. Who just takes it in. (Judgement and opinion are left to another arena.) The world needs more listeners. Listeners of other people and what's going on. Listeners in relationships. Listeners of one's self. I believe if more people engaged in listening, the whole world would improve. It's coming. It's coming. And while we are listening, enjoy. 

Here is a song to go with the poem: Glen Campbell "Turn Around, Look At Me" 

Even therapy requires listening 

As the 21st century continues to bloom, more and more experts are believing that all relationship problems stem from poor communication. It is no secret that Diego and his wife Benita have big relationship issues (even if one doesn't know them). The couple thought it best to seek out the help of a therapist, at the advise of their neighbors.Advise that came in the form of bullets. 
Listen and learn or laugh. "Couples Therapy (Ep. 3)" 

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An open ear is the only believable sign of an open heart. 
David Augsburger


  1. Most of the work I do on the crisis line involves listening. Not jumping it with solutions, but listening. Harder than it sounds, and so very valuable. For me as much as for the caller.

    1. I totally agree. Good luck in your endeavors.
      Thank you for adding to the value of listening