Friday, July 15, 2016

There Was A Wave to Perfect-Timing Villain 
What makes a perfect wave 
What makes a perfect villain 

There Was A Wave (free form poem) 

There was a wave
Who was part of the sea like the others
Stroking the sand as waves of its way do
Crystal and clear
Scented in blue
Blessed by the light
Beautiful in its perfection
Yet it wasn’t as grand some others
At least in the ways
So easily swayed
It was never seen dancing with clouds
It didn’t bring hidden treasures from the sea
There were waves which were far clearer
There were better waves to see
Days and nights would pass
As it stroked its endless sand
Retiring to its situation
Lost amid the others
One night at party girl would meet this fellow
They wandered through the sand to feel the sea
Their words the night and suddenly a kiss
At gatherings the family telltale
Of how their blessings started with a kiss
And every version told begins the same
There was a wave

A story and a message composes this free form poem. Notice how this poem is divided into three parts. Each part contains two stanzas. The first two stanzas talk about a wave. The second part compares the wave to others. The transition from part one and two are subtle. Part three is like a whole new idea (poem). If not for the last line (which is the same as the first) one would wonder if the last two stanzas belong to this poem.

I used to work for Toy For Tots. The Masons used to be big supporters of this program. For some reason they stopped. In 2004, I, with the help of many others, brought the Mason's support back to the San Francisco Bay Area. This poem was inspired by some of those who stepped forward to help. I was a top Masonic orator and public speaker. Few could come close too my recognition and popularity among the Masons, in the Bay Area. The truth was, when it came to Toys For Tots, I was ale to find what others did and bring it out for the program. Everyone wanted to help. The challenge was finding the right niche for each individual. Ironically I found someone who did this much better than me. There was the person who thought he was a poor public speaker. He turned out to be amazing  at one to one communication. I was a good coordinator, but someone even better was guided my way. At the end of four years the Masons in the Bay Area where back as big supporters of Toys For Tots. I got a lot of credit for this. The truth was, I was only a front man. Many, many more "waves" brushed the sand as good or better than me. I left the program in 2010. As a further example of "waves" and "sand" (time), the Bay Area Masonic Toys For Tots program is still going strong. Strong but different. The program shows the power of individuals working together. 

I believe that there is greatness in everyone. So many live out their lives wishing that they were as good as someone else, not seeing their own talents. Then there are those who are fooled to believe they are are "not as important". We are all important. We are all talented. We live in an environment where it is easier to understand people by grouping them together. This sometimes overlooks the power of the individual. Plus, it misleads one to believe that they are less. We are more. We are individuals. We may not see the eyes admiring us. As the dawn awakens to the marvel that is us, enjoy.  

Jet's enjoy another type of wave: Joao Gilberto "Wave" 

Perfection take on many forms 

According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the best Oscar winning protagonist is the Joker. played by the late Heath Ledger, in The Dark Knight. Vying for this honor is Professor Yuri Larsen, of Chris and Jack. As one may imagine, making the top spot requires hard work. The Professor has made a video to give us some behind the scene insight into the challenges of becoming number 1. 
Watch for the full movie (Never to be released) in someone's garage. "PERFECT-TIMING VILLAIN | Chris & Jack" 

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We are all special in our individuality. 
It all depends on your perception. 
We must learn to look beyond the physical 
and appreciate each other for what's 
on the inside not the outside.


  1. Hello, love the poem and your post. Very uplifting thoughts. I do believe everyone has a special talent. Toys for Tots is a wonderful foundation. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you for the warm words.
      Hope that smiles meet you wherever you go

  2. I needed this today. Thanks

    1. Glad to repay all the joy you brought me.
      Thank you

  3. My head agrees with you. My insignificant unimportant heart doesn't.

    1. What do the individuals that you help say?
      Thank you and wishing you hope

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful poem. I am so moved by it. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment