Thursday, July 21, 2016

Through The Leaves to Pokémon Go Meets Parkour 
A person cannot escape as he is drawn into a mystery  
Two Pokémon try to escape their pursuers 

Through The Leaves (free form poem) 

Through the leaves I wonder
Brushing my face
Calling me back
Cold stillness fills the night
Drawing me in
To waiting arms
I cannot escape
The wake of this moment
Which holds me entwined
Endlessly searching
For one more heart broken
Lost wandering soul
Is there anything at all
Outside the weight of this veil
Outside confusion and pain
Outside the comfort of hopelessness
Stroking my face
Using the night
Lost inside her garden
With one more breath
Of all now past
In love
And that was all 

Words paint an intriguing picture in this free form poem. There is a lot going on in this poem. For instance, what is ticking? Why does the ticking stop in one of the stanzas? Don't spend too much time trying to figure things out. This poem is intended to toy with the imagination. To analyse it too much would take away its appeal. 

One of Arlene's and my "playful sins" was fantasy role playing gaming. This is where one dresses up and becomes an actor in a role playing game. Arlene was pretty good at this. How she became good is an interesting story. My hobby is table gaming. It began when I was 8 and my uncle gave me a chess set. When I met Arlene, she wasn't a good gamer neither was she interested in it. I was given a valuable insight in gaming: playing a game was more important than "winning". Always play your best, but enjoying a game is one other way of winning. I took this to heart. I got really good at letting someone enjoy a game by winning. I used this talent on Arlene. I played my hardest to make sure she came out ahead. This had an an unusual effect on Arlene.  She actually got better, and better, and better, Eventually I was playing to win, yet all along winning. I was enjoying a game with Arlene. It was Arlene who found the live role playing gamers. It wasn't table gaming so I went along to be with Arlene, who used her talents to defend her husband, who brought her here. Arlene was amazing. Me? I died countless times.

There is more to life than meets the eye. We've all heard this before. Let's step back. The winner of the game Monopoly is the player who has the most money when it's all over. Wait, doesn't being with my friends make me a winner? The laughs and idol chit chat, doesn't that make me a winner? The snacks, the drinks... winner? Then there's my buddy Jim. He hasn't won a game since I can remember, so I cut him a deal on some property. Am I winner? There really is more than one was to win a game. Now the game is called life. And as we go on to win this game, enjoy. 

Here is great song and video to go with the poem: Flores Funebres "Fear of Death" 

It was only a matter of time till Pokemon Go came to this site 

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Ronnie Shalvis and Calen Chan are two of today's most amazing parkour artists. Devin Graham, of devinsupertramp, got their help in filming this amazing video about today's big sensation: Pokemon Go. 
Let's take a small break from capyuring and training Pokemon to enjoy this video. "Pokémon GO Meets PARKOUR in REAL LIFE!" 

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We have to stop and be humble 
enough to understand that there 
is something called mystery. 
Paulo Coelho


  1. Playing is always the important element. And those who do not play are losers before they start.

    1. Te question is: What made them that way?
      Thank you and stay a winner

  2. You and Arlene seemed so adventurous. Thats what keeps the game going.

    1. What a sweet comment.
      Thank you and may your sunshine always be an inspiration

  3. What a sweet connection you and Arlene had whilst gaming. From your poem, I was especially drawn to the line "Outside the comfort of hopelessness"

    1. Thank you for leaving this warm comment.
      I also appreciate the insight