Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wayward World to Every Super Villain Ever 
On a path less trodden comes a hero 
There always have been villains 

Wayward Worlds (free form poem) 

Wayward worlds unfold
Upon a path less trodden
Where every sign you see
Is waiting for a hand
To write them
To tell another
That it’s okay to wander
Beyond the safety
Whose comfort often holds them back
To the sideline seats
Cheering cherished heroes
Who live some wished for life
Beyond reality’s restraints
Timeless is their motion
Timeless are their ways to wonder
Till twilight calls a dream
Of a yearning long forgotten
Some signs as yet unwritten
One more hope one more chance
To start a new beginning

A call or a reminder in this free form poem. Notice that I do not use punctuations. Instead, I use spaces. These serve as a beak between ideas. In this poem, the ideas take on a form to draw us in. Hopefully drawing a picture which is familiar and to motivate. 

It has been my experiences that there are leaders and sideliners. Some sideleners are leaders in different fields, in different callings. Still, it has been my experience, many people, just take to the sidelines. Two of my biggest charity successes were whispered to me by sideliners. The Masons have always been big supporters of the public schools. A sideliner planted in my ear, that in the San Francisco Bay Area, we may not be giving our schools what they really needed.  He was right. With a little research, I spread what I found to other Lodges. With the help of school principals and teachers we were ale to be much more efficient with our aid. My success in bringing Toys For Tots back to the Masons was based on the suggest of a sideliner. Why didn't they take on these things themselves? Or maybe getting me involved was their way of not being sideliners. 

From the time we first went to school we were encouraged to be the same. After all, it is much easier to control the masses if we all think alike. It is easier to sell us stuff, if we are taught to belief that we like it, that we really need it, that everyone else is getting it. Don't stand out. Don't be different. The major problem in this is that we are all individuals. We are all unique. We are all special. One of the short falls of the "group think" brainwashing is that it makes it hard for some to trust, to believe in themselves. Their true individuality. Even the best of us, from time to time, cannot escape the constant bombardment we are all under. Trust in yourself. It all begins here. Believe, know that we are special, and enjoy. 

Let us enjoy the dream: Dj Erian "Lost in a dream" 

From good to evil 

It should come as no great surprise that the first super villain, to appear in comic books was Adolf Hitter. Since then, countless super villains have graced (or disgraced) the pages of comic books and movies. It came to the attention of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Padilla, of Smosh, that many of these super villains share similar attributes. To prove their finding Ian and Anthony made this video, while forgetting why. 
Had the duo looked at the tittle of the video they might have remember what they were trying to prove. "EVERY SUPER VILLAIN EVER" 

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If you are always trying to be normal, 
you will never know how amazing you can be. 
Maya Angelou


  1. Your poem is beautiful. It is interesting to consider why some stay to the side and some are at the front. Thanks for a lovely and interesting read.

    1. Life is indeed interesting.
      Thank you for adding your thoughts to this

  2. Definitely interesting.
    I am not a leader, but don't (often) succumb to group think either.

    1. Leaders come in many fashions.
      Some up ahead. Some in the rear. Some in the mix.
      Thank you

  3. Hello, a lovely scene and image and a beautiful poem. I would have to say I am definitely not a leader. Love the Angelou quote! Have a great weekend ahead!

    1. Oh yah? I would follow you beautiful picture, and I notice you have many followers.
      Thank you