Monday, July 25, 2016

Wisp You Away to Safety in Hollywood 
Safely hid treasures are calling to wisp a lover away 
Safety takes a new form as airline wisps passengers away 

Wisp You Away (poem) 

Come with me darling I‘ll wisp you away
A moment to dream
And open a door
Come with me darling I‘ll wisp you away
The stars which you touch
Where made long ago
Remember those heartbeats shared with pillows
And tomorrows were waiting for moments of you
Each chance was a fresh breath of excitement
Your mirror offered a glance at the truth
Soft embers of your safely hid treasures
Calling for the light which once gave them birth
Listen to the long and lasting murmurs
Singing praise of a wonder which once was
Dismember yourself from chains of limits
Those shadows unreal which won’t let you out
You know you deserve promise forgotten
Let me be chorus of splendor of you
Come with me darling I‘ll wisp you away
A moment in time
Forever once knew

Realities are challenged in this poem. This may look like a free form poem, but consider this: In the two types of stanzas each line follows a strict meter. In stanzas three, four and five there is a rhyme in the first three beats (Remember, Soft embers, Dismember). There is an equal amount of each type of stanzas. 

With this poem we gain an insight into my style of entertainment. A style that worked well for me. Ironic, that this poem speaks of freedom, but follow my thinking. Whether a big party, a performance or taking a lady, Amor or Arlene, out on a date, my dynamics are quite similar. Before hand, I did as much preparation, research, rehearsing, planning, etc., as possible. Maybe going over it a couple of times. Get an outside opinion, insight or two. When the doors open to an event, take a deep breath and enjoy the free fall. Arlene and I worked as a team to make each other look good. Maybe it was our imagination or good luck, but our whole world seemed to fall in order. Or maybe Arlene and I touched on an order. And let me share this: When one puts in the effort Arlene and I did, the free fall can be wonderful. 

I believe that there is a flow to life. A flow of how things are supposed to be. A natural order of things. An order made just for us and everything at the same time, I believe in the connections. That something that connects everything, Everyone is important. Everyone has value. In my time here, I have noticed the human flow has gotten much faster, with the advancement of technology and all. Add to this the inequality blared out in our media (races, the wealthy, different counties, different cultures, We are bombarded with it. We are frighten into believing sorts of things. Stop! Rejoin the natural flow of life. Take time to remember that you are important. Bask in the wonder that flows naturally from you and enjoy. 

Here is some music to bask: Jo Manji "Beyond The Sunset" 

Not only are airlines the safest way to travel, but... 

Your chances of dying in a plane crash are estimated to be about 11 million to 1. When it comes to airline safety, it all begins with passengers. Cathay Pacific Airways is ranked number 1 in passenger safety, Though ranked number 6, out of 60 ranked airlines, Air New Zealand is vying for the number 1 spot. To help in its efforts are its unique passenger safety videos. The latest of which is making the news. 
How many times would we watch this movie? "Safety in Hollywood #AirNZSafetyVideo"

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No matter what age you are, 
or what your circumstances might be, 
you are special, and you still have 
something unique to offer. Your life, 
because of who you are, has meaning. 
Barbara de Angelis


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  2. How wonderful your words are! I like how much thought you put into your decisions.