Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Another Start to Speed Enforced By Aircraft 
A tale of a kiss 
A tale of speed, child birth, the highway 

Another Start (Shakespearean sonnet) 

It started out another harmless kiss
If ever such a kiss exists at all
For kisses have their own way to recall
What often starts as that turns into this
It started out another fond farewell
Another lovers’ tale unveiled by two
Another memory we could renew
Another lit a thought we couldn’t quell
It started out another step inside
Uncertain just how long this kiss would last
Or if the morning’s sun may come too fast
Our path unclear a kiss controls our stride
And as what started out becomes exposed
A gentleman must kiss this sonnet closed 

A kiss, a memory, a moment compose this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet plays within words on the subject of a kiss with a surprise ending. Each quatrain starts out with the same idea ("It started out another "). "Another" ( referring to a kiss and all the things thereof) goes crazy in the second quatrain. The whole subject matter of the sonnet is the unexplainable. Then as the sonnet closes, we find the speaker is about to engage in another kiss. 

Arlene and I had many memorable kisses. There was our first kiss. There was the best kiss: after our first dance. And this one. Arlene loved to drive. Whenever we drove to Los Angeles we would makes a quick stop in Bakersfield for a hamburger. Thousands of truck drivers can't be all wrong. (Bakersfield was a popular truck stop.) We would find the burger joint with the most trucks outside and pull in. After finishing our burger and before hitting the road again, we would kiss. One time this simple custom turned into so much more. That one kiss turned into two, then three and on and on. It wasn't just me. Whatever it was, hit Arlene too. The next thing I remember was someone shouting, "Why don't you two get a room?" Good idea! I don't know how we made it, but we found a nice motel. Even as we were checking in, we were making out like teenagers. And in that motel two wild lovers carried on. In the pool. In the shower. On the patio. Finally... What made this kiss memorable was the why. Why did it happen? What got into us? The next day we went on our way. Arlene and I didn't analyse tat moment. We just smiled. 

Sometimes life's adventure throws in some twists. Some are comfortable. Some are not. Sometimes a little of both. Sometimes we can control it. Sometimes we cannot. These offshoots can be minor or they can be extremely drastic. The point is, these bumps in the road do happen. It is easy to say be prepared. The truth is how can anyone prepare themselves for the unknown? Some folks say these things happen for a reason and we are a better person because of them. To this I can only say, from experience, 'sometimes". But! Knowing that these "bumps" will happen, marvel in who we are now. Make a memory, a treasure of the person in this time. There is only one one us. There will never come a time like this again. For better or worse, it is a marvel. Do not allow anything to take "this" away from us. And for "this" moment, enjoy. 

How about a tune to go with all of this: Jerome Kern "The Way You Look Tonight" 

For every trouble there is something worse 

It is a fact even today that more men receive speeding tickets than women. One of the reasons for this just might be a husband trying to get his pregnant wife to a hospital. Don't believe me. Freddie Wong and RocketJump Studio have captured just such an event. The whole event took place on one of those roads that are patrolled by airplane. 
Oh yes, things get much worse. "Speed Enforced By Aircraft" 

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With a kiss let us set out for an unknown world. 
Alfred de Musset



  1. If you could put your life into a movie, it would be really good.

  2. A kiss can indeed be magical. I am glad you and Arlene shared so many. The poem is lovely.

    1. To tells me a kiss can be magical, says that you have some experience.
      Thank you for the love

  3. Life can indeed be a wild ride. Which we should enjoy...

    1. Your wording is so perfect. "should"
      Thank you

  4. Yep, crap can pile up with such twists but so can good. Have to enjoy what we can at our hood.

    1. Yep. And judging by your blog, you do.
      Thank you