Monday, August 22, 2016

Breeze Of Dreams to Why Summer is Women's Winter 
Lovers are touched by a romantic breeze 
Women are touched by an office breeze 

Breeze Of Dreams (Shakespearean sonnet)

Recall when couple kissing there was we
Where did they go those flowers of our youth
A breeze of dreams still whispering the truth
That from that kiss would flow our destiny
You see that couple cuddling over there
What comfort care can see us one day them
Oh breeze of dreams where did such true love stem
That from this kiss their fate we too may share
Oh gentle flowers caught in breeze of dreams
Two couples drifting to a distant time
And in between a lifetime so sublime
That from a kiss imagination streams
And breeze of dreams has so much more to say
The couples that they’re watching are both they 

A breeze brings to life a truth and this Shakespearean sonnet. Each quatrain is meant to paint a different image. The rhyming couplet is supposed to tie everything together. There are clues to what is revealed in the final line. The clues are the kisses mentioned in the last line of each quatrain. 

Arlene couldn't cook, but cut this girl loose in a deli, and boy could she prepare a picnic basket. And picnic we did, whether in some park or the backyard or on the living room floor. Arlene, being a Cosmopolitan (Magazine) woman, there were those special picnics where she would show off the latest fashion of the day. Those were the days. Arlene and I were timeless lovers. Add to all this, the effect the Mason days had on us. We were 40 years old reliving our 20's. In our minds, we were young again. A strange thing once happened to us. We were picnicking when a pair of teenagers caught our eye. They couldn't keep their lips off of one another. They looked oddly familiar. When we finished our meal we went for a stroll to take in the beauty all around us (including Arlene). We passed by a couple enjoying each other and their picnic. They appeared to be in their 30's. Oddly they too looked strangely familiar. Arlene and I found a secluded place where we could reflect on what we saw. Miracle or not, we were given an insight into our past. There is a more mundane explanation of what happened that day. An explanation far less romantic. 

I'm certain that many others have had these experiences. Something happening around us that takes us back to a different point in our life.  This can be a fond reminder or something we miss. A thank you or a regret. One thing to keep in mind is that we are human. Humans tend to get used to things, take things for granted. It is "human nature". There are many positives, efficiencies about this. There is also the other side. Add to this the changes aging natural bring to our species. But we... We are more. By keeping in mind what we are, we can be more. Sounds strange, but it is a fact. Make the most of those things that are important to you now, this moment in time. "Don't put off fir tomorrow what you can do today", what you feel today. This is your time. You are that special.
The single most precious thing has been given to you. Time. Use it. Make the most of it, and enjoy. 

Let's see. What do we have for this theme: 
Perry Como performing Francis Lai "Where do I begin" 

There is more to work place sex equality than wages 

Modern air conditioning emerged from advances in chemistry during the 19th century, and the first large-scale electrical air conditioning was invented and used in 1902 by American inventor Willis Carrier. A man. Why is the fact that Willis was a man important? It has something to do with a discovery College Humor stumbled upon. A discovery many women in the office environment have been dealing with since 1902.
Sit back as an age old secret comes to light. "Why Summer is Women's Winter"

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Everybody needs his memories. 
They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door. 
Saul Bellow


  1. Sure have to use our time how we want, within reason, as you still have to work or you'll be using your time in a cardboard box on the street corner lol

    1. The things we can achieve...
      Keep going...
      Thank you for spending some time with me

  2. What a lovely poem and thank you for the reminder of how precious our time is.

    1. You are quite welcome.
      Thank you for the complement

  3. So very well said, Martin. Enjoyed!!