Sunday, August 7, 2016

Counting Kisses to Pokemon Go The Musical 
A lovers' game 
A musical inspired by a game 

Counting Kisses (lyrical poem) 

Counting kisses game two lovers play
Casting wishes for a brighter day
Carried with this heart held on display
Count on kisses when words run away
Count on wishes dreamers of the day
Cast our kisses when we’re far away
Carried with this heart that will not stray
Counting wishes kisses won’t delay
While watchful whispers guide us to delight
Warm winds will welcome fires to ignite
We wildly wait while whims of dreams excite
What wonder wanders just beyond our sight
Counting kisses warms our appetite
Casting wishes keeps the fire bright
Carried with this heartbeat of delight
Count on kisses to cast out their light
Count on wishes wandering at night
Casting kisses everything’s alright
Carried on this heart with dream in sight
Counting wishes kisses to invite
While watchful whispers watch two lovers play
Warm winds will wander wild at our display
We wing with wonder way beyond today
What wayward wish once washed across our way
Counting kisses
Counting kisses 

A lovers' game and Word Wizardry combine in this lyrical poem. While lovers are engaged in counting kisses, this poem is playfully loaded in Word Wizardry. Most notable are the recurring words in each stanza (Counting, Casting, Carried, Count, While, Warm, We and What). Then we have the play in kisses and wishes. Then there is the play with consonant sounds, most notably "W". Why such a heavy play on "W"? Think about our lips when making the "W" sound and when kissing. Counting kisses.

Arlene and I never played counting kisses. Although we did try to set a longest kiss record. I think we made six minutes before we thought that was a stupid idea. Like most teenage lovers, Arlene and I were kissing  fiends. This gave way in cuddling and loosing ourselves in each other's imagination, under the stars and the lights of San Francisco, in our palace in the sky. I would listen to Arlene, and she me, as we took turns floating us off somewhere. Where lips once joined, minds, hearts and souls united to drift off together. Then came the deep wonder and appreciation of just being together. Arlene and I realized that this time together was a precious gift. It won't last forever, so enjoy it. I may not be rich. I may not have Paris or Rome. I may not have many things. But I was with Arlene and all else starts from there. Make the most of this. Yet through all of our changes we never tired of kissing. The kisses of our lips and the kisses of life and all of its wonder.

Life is a wonder. Whether we live in San Francisco or off in a small unheard place on a distant isle. First, San Francisco has a lot of pluses, but we do very well in covering up its shortcomings. No place is perfect. Which brings us to number two. We humans tend to get use to things. As something becomes part of our life, we tend to mentally put it off somewhere, to take it for granted. Let's take a fresh look around us. I'm certain we will discover, or rediscover, wonders all around us. One the greatest to be discovered is us. We may not be as rich as... We may not be as good looking as... We may not be as smart as... That's one way of looking at it.  Or - They are not as... as us. With this in mind, don't take for granted this gift of time. Make the most of the precious treasures all around us. Open ourselves up to life's many kisses and enjoy.

Talk about kisses, have you heard: Tim Gelo "French Kisses" 

Pokemon Go has gotten so successful, what next 

As of July 8, Pokémon Go players on Android were playing an average of 43 minutes and 23 seconds per day, according to SimilarWeb. It is believed this average is going up. Pokemon seems to be everywhere. There is no escaping it. What's next? The folks at The Key of Awesome have an idea. What about a musical? With the popularity of the game how could it fail? 
The musical is kept short so as not to interfere with game play. "Pokémon Go THE MUSICAL! Key of Awesome #112" 

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With a kiss 
let us set out for an unknown world. 
Alfred de Musset


  1. And you remember (and cherish) countless kisses.

    1. Memories are kisses of life.
      Thank you for this reminder

  2. Hello, pretty poem. I agree we must not take anything for granted. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

    1. Tank you for your warm compliment and wishes
      Enjoy your week

  3. Have to count everyone and enjoy them too.

    1. I bow to you.
      Thank you for stopping by

  4. Kisses can be so wonderful. Your poem is lovely, I especially was drawn to this line "Count on wishes dreamers of the day"

    1. I'm so happy that you liked this.
      Thank you for your warm words