Monday, August 1, 2016

Devotion to Umbrella Stress 
A man who cared about is dream 
A woman who cared about her umbrella 

Devotion (changing poem) 

There by devotion he is waiting there
Dreams of tomorrow are locked in his stare
This legend of time the people all share
What was the love which commanded this flare
What was the scent which he felt in the air
What was it that he alone was aware
What drift in the wind was he set upon
What scrumptious rumors this marvel would bear
The gaze in his eyes had spread everywhere
Lost in devotion this fodder for spawn
The dreams of others would he soon don
And still he lingered to something there
Soon crowd of confusion would welcome dawn
To this mystery a curtain was drawn
For something they lost he would be their pawn
And still he sat beyond a need to care
It was decided this could not go on
They would put an end to this silent swan
But when they met they found a heart there drawn
With his devotion he at last had gone 

A change occurs as a mystery in this changing poem. A poem that starts wit one rhyme scheme and ends with another. We start with one rhyme scheme. With each passing stanza a new rhyme scheme replaces the original, one line at a time, until the new rhyme scheme completely replaces the old. In this poem we have a steady change contrasted by a sudden change. 

In a small town there was this man. He sat on a park bench. The love of is life had left him. Why she left him no one really knew. But the man's devotion to his hope that she will return warmed the hearts of everyone. There was a magic in the faithfulness in a love. A real love story. Here, in this town. For all to see. As time went on the man continued to wait. No one was returning. The attitude of the people started to change. They started to talk with one another. A love story changed into a nuisance. The people decided to join and kick the man off the bench and out of the park. On the following day, the people came, and found the bench was empty. The man was gone. He was never seen again. What happened to him? It is left to imaginations. 

There is " group think" and there is individuality. A real riddle, these two. Laws are made with "group think" in mind to protect the individual. It takes a group to vote a law into (or out of) existence. Yet it is often an individual who sets the wheels in motion. A group of people often gets more attention than an individual. Yet behind a group is often an individual. A president is a powerful individual, Yet he is nothing if the masses (large groups) don't follow him. Masses led by individuals. Here's where we fit into the riddle. Believing in ourselves. We can make a difference. Groups or individuals, there is a big difference between talk and actions. As individual, we have unique skills to bring aid to an idea. Believe in yourself and place in this time and enjoy. 

And some music for this theme: Jon Barry "Midnight Cowboy" 

What does love have in common with an umbrella 

In all written records, the oldest reference to a collapsible umbrella dates to the year 21 AD, when Wang Mang had one designed for a ceremonial four-wheeled carriage. In today's world we often taken umbrellas for granted. Unless you're Natalie Tyler Tran. Natalie is an Australian producer, actress, comedian and writer from Sydney. She as a big thing for umbrellas. Seeing is believing. 
Does it strike anyone else weird, the absence of any rain? "Umbrella/Baby Stress" 

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Let your hopes, not your hurts, 
shape your future. 
Robert H. Schuller


  1. Holding on to hope can be so important, but it isn't always what we should be doing. That said, I think it is the one who has hope who should be the one to decide when to leave the bench, I don't think it's a decision which should be made by others... Thanks for such a thought inspiring poem.

    1. Wow. Well said.
      Not to mention, no one really had the full story.
      Thank you for adding depth to this edition

  2. I love your Fuller quote....we must hang into hope. I am sad about the disappearance of the man. Perhaps he faded away. Perhaps he felt the judging vibes of the community. I hope he still had his hopes and dreams if he fell into the sleep from which we awaken on another plane..........very intriguing story, makes me want to know what really happened.

    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      Your comment really adds to the whole story