Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Evermore to Vape God 
The mystery of a love affair 
The mystery of what goes on in the heads of vapers 

Evermore (poem) 

She climbs the stairs outside her door
Which led to streets of evermore
And who can see within her heart
To what has torn her life apart
Her thoughts return to times before
When all her cares were hopes at play
How distant now is yesterday
Across this space of evermore
The flowers which blessed every morn
The scents were sweet kisses were born
The shadow of tears on the floor
Refreshing her vast evermore
Was just a brief heartbeat before
When doorbell would cause her to soar
And her precious dream to restore
To promise of their evermore
But there stood a stranger with note
Perhaps a love letter he wrote
Who knew of sad secret it bore
That drew her to his evermore
She climbs the stairs of unknown shore
Beside her tides of evermore
Was this to be a destiny
One more unfinished memory
But she to wilted flowers swore
That by his side she would remain
Tomorrow would greet sweet refrain
There in the streets of evermore 

A lover's mystery draws us in with this poem. This poem uses two sets of rhymes and a word (evermore) to paint a picture. Notice, in the forth stanza, all the lines rhyme. This is also the turning point of the poem/story. 

Arlene and I would host these dinner parties. I was the main cook in the house. These were special dinner parties. At half of them, my friend Michael joined me in the kitchen. At the other half Arlene's friend Stell joined me. Stell was a goth girl, long before goth became popular. Boy, could Stell cook! And imaginative... Stell also had the gift of gab. I don't know what it was, but we all really enjoyed to listen to her talk. One of the things that Stell would entertain us with was what her and her boyfriend did since the last party. It was strange that Stell never invited her boyfriend to the parties, but invited just her friends. It was a Sunday. I had just gotten home from shopping for that evening's dinner party. Arlene told me that she got a pone call from Stell. She would not be coming and that she was crying and wouldn't say why. That evening the conversation turned to Stell's boyfriend. It appeared that nobody had ever met him. face to face. Come Monday, Stell didn't show up at work. She never returned to work. Rumor has it something happened to the boyfriend (that nobody met). What happened to Stell? Arlene told me that she became the legend of the break room. 

I like a good novel. I like a good movie. I lived a pretty amazing life. One that compares to many of those novels and movies. The truth is that we all lived pretty spectacular lives. We are all the big stars of a best seller or a block buster. Let us keep in mind that there are many forms of stories. There are romances, adventures, comedies, mysteries and on and on. The stories we enjoy don't cover every little detail, but rather just the highlights of what happened. We're not interested in ever trip to the bathroom and things like that. Back to us. That last vacation. Fun with the family or friends. Something special that happened to us. I bet if an English teacher had  us write a paper, where spelling and grammar didn't count, we'd all get an A. Okay, 007 we're not. But maybe we're 002!  Maybe a best selling cook book. Maybe an overlooked romance novel. You get the picture. Each one of us is a story waiting to be written. Each one of us is a marvel. Do  not doubt what is true. And as we write another page of the most wondrous novel of our life time, Enjoy. 

A tune to go with the poem: Lana Del Rey "Born To Die" 

From one story to another 

Vape is a slang term for a vaporizer, which is used to smoke marijuana, tobacco and other smoking mixtures. It is obvious that it isn't tobacco that the boys of Corridor Digital are enjoying. I doubt that it is marijuana either. What exactly could it be? Here is one more mind blower. The entire video plot was put together with this mystery vaping ingredient in mind. 
But whose mind? "VAPE GOD" 

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It is not true that everyone is special. 
It is true that everyone was once special 
and still possesses the ability to recover it.
Criss Jami 


  1. Always a story to tell, way too many in my brain to ever get them all done. Yeah, you don't mention trips to the bathroom unless it is central to the plot lol

    1. I bet you are great novels... and more coming soon.
      Thank you for giving me a few sentences

  2. There could be several different stories of my life as it changed through time. Luckily, it went from bad to good and not good to bad.

    1. Oh, I follow your blog. I know there are values to Lisa. You are a humble super star.
      Thank you for the smiles

  3. I relish the little things. The big things will happen with or without me.

    1. or maybe "it" becomes big because of you. Little to you. Big to those who are blessed by you.
      just saying...
      Thank you

  4. Martin, I enjoyed your poem, and the post that follows even more. Oh, there must have been such a story about Stell and the mysterious boyfriend!!!!! Or....maybe he was married and broke it off with her. A sad story, whatever happened and yes, we all have a book in us. Our lives are amazing. It's why I love doing my Monday features at Poets United. I have always been fascinated by peoples' stories. This week was an especially moving one. Thanks for your visits to my blog. I had some difficulty tracking you down as Linked In is a mystery to me. But here you are, and here I am! Smiles.

    1. So good to see you here!
      I do enjoy your blog.
      Thank you for your kind words

  5. What a lovely and poignant poem. Such a story in Stell's life captured so well here...

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you. Will try to continue to put a smile on your face

  7. I love to read stories. Many have changed my life. We can boost up our kids by telling different stories.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving this valuable input