Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Hear It Too to When You Don’t Get An Inside Joke 
A couple's relationship grew beyond words 
A couple's relationship is disturbed by a joke 

I Heard It Too (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I heard you singing of another day
It stroked my heart the magic of that tune
That special hour not very far away
Like all the rest it drifted far too soon
I closed my eyes to join you in that while
I held you close and danced into that mist
Until I found the moments of that smile
And all the precious memories we kissed
Then all at once a felt the teardrops flow
And yet there was no answer to the pain
Just darkness from place so long ago
Perhaps it was the spark of this refrain
Sing on my love for now we know it’s true
The feeling that you felt I it felt too 

Lovers' feelings sing out and give light to this Shakespearean sonnet. As one would expect, words take on more than one meaning. For example, "another day" could mean a memory, today or a dream of some future. (Just a few examples.) This sonnet was put together to let imaginations flow. Notice the title of this sonnet is "I Heard It Too". The actual quote is "...I felt it too." Why? 

Arlene enjoyed cuddling under a blanket and letting our imaginations drift. I liked it too, but not as much as her. I really liked it. Arlene really, really, really liked it. We'd sit on the couch or bed or on a fake fur throw rug on the floor. We'd wrap a king size blanket around us. The TV would be off. Soft music was optional. Arlene had to have her champagne glasses close at hand, even if they were filled with 7 up or some kind of juice. Then one or both of us would drift into a memory or that day or a hope, a dream. As the experience went on, the talking gave way to feelings. A small laugh, An small added pressure to our cuddle, a timely kiss, a sigh and we knew we were drifting together. When we bought our house, this experience was heightened. Our house has a working fie place. A rainy night, a warm dancing fire, cuddling under a blanket... Oulala. 

One could easily and rationally explain away two people communicating without words, feeling the same thing, drifting off somewhere together. I prefer to believe that there is something more, something special. Whatever it is. it has nothing to do with the supernatural or the spiritual. I believe this ability is quite natural. An ability that is underdeveloped or we are made to believe doesn't exist. It does exist. When two lovers share a special smile, at times they are in the same place, in their minds. When a baby cries, a mother knows it is hungry or it is frightened or it wants to be picked up or whatever. I believe we all possess this gift. A gift like hearing, seeing,smelling, tasting and feeling. I believe, as time goes on, this gift will become more and more developed. So next time we think we are sharing something more, enjoy. 

Now for a song: Adele "Love Song" 

Inside jokes and relationships 

Studies show that happiness is contagious and that potential dates find it hard to walk away from happy people. One of the biggest turn-offs during a date is negativity. One negative behavior is an inside joke or something our partner just doesn't get. Worse yet, if our partner asks us to stop and we forget. This is so common that BuzzFeed has put out a video about inside jokes. 
I love the ending of this video. "When You Don’t Get An Inside Joke" 

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Love goes very far beyond 
the physical person of the beloved. 
Viktor E. Frankl


  1. Enjoyed this relaxing romantic post.

  2. Inside jokes shut others out. And are very dangerous.

    1. You had that experiences too.
      Thank you for pointing this out

  3. What a wonderful story of love and caring. Your poem was also lovely, I especially liked "I held you close and danced into that mist
    Until I found the moments of that smile"

    1. And it's fun too...
      Thank you for enjoying

  4. Two sure can share with out a word between the pair