Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Imagination's Field to Thor During Captain America: Civil War 
Two ordinary lovers drift off to explore imagination's field 
An imaginary hero shows off his ordinary life 

Imagination's Field (Italian sonnet) 

Another night to romp and play beside
Imagination’s field not far to go
To be within that place we’ve come to know
And for awhile put all of this aside
Imagination’s field just close you eyes
And settle in a dream we two can share
Pretending that I love you more in there
Where every turn will bring out lover’s sighs
Another dream perhaps a fantasy
A secret which between our hearts we keep
One only wonders what true love will reap
Imagination’s field now holds the key
So hold me tight farewell to all of this
And let our whispers guide us on our way
Where memories are fashioned by our sway
Just one more thing before we go a kiss 

Within a kiss two lovers are off in this Italian sonnet. This sonnet is divided into two halves. Each starting with the word "Another". Notice that "Imagination's field" is mentioned in the first three quatrains. Each time on different lines. We expect to see it on the third line in the final quatrain. "Imagination's field" is not there. Why? 

One thing about Arlene. She loved surprises. She put off a special glow of beauty. The better the surprise, the better the glow. Arlene kept me motivated. It was in fall. We were living in that big flat. I met Arlene at her job after work. She suspected something was up, as I didn't normally do this unless something was afoot. I kept her guessing, by taking the long way home. There, my friend and chef at a seafood restaurant, Michael, set up the entire flat for a dance and dinner for Arlene a me. After changing into our dance attire, Michael proceeded to serve Arlene and me. It was a real treat for Arlene. After dinner Arlene and I went out to dance. (I had given the flat to Michael, for the night, in exchange for the lavish dinner.) After the dance, Arlene and I took a romantic stroll by the beautiful San Francisco Yacht Club. What Arlene didn't know, was that a friend of mine owned a boat there. For a few bucks, he let me use his boat for the night. Arlene was surprised when I had the key for the gate to the dock. When we boarded the boat, Arlene thought I had bought it. I told her it belonged to a friend, but it was ours for the night. I didn't know how to operate a boat. It was docked far enough to the outside that from the left side (port) we could use our imagination to pretend we were sailing the bay. Needless to say, it was a great night. 

Not everyone has access to a chef or a boat. But we all have access to an imagination. Imagination is the spice of life. Imagination could be someone's favorite candy laying around where they will find it or an adventure to a far off land. We could buy the same old gift, as everyone else is buying or we can let our imagination loose. Even wrapping a gift, imagination adds that something extra. Let me give one more example. I'm not a good golfer. but the boys really wanted me out on the course. I became a caddy. Imagination. "But I don't have a good imagination." An imagination is a blessing in everyone waiting to get out. Waiting for another chance, Wait for another opportunity to glow. That extra smile. That extra kiss. Use it and it and it will grow. It will shine on everyone we come in contact with. Can't we hear imagination calling? Follow it and Enjoy. 

To add a touch extra to our imagination: Runrig "Dream Fields" 

A superhero's imagination can be quite different 

Thor is a Norse mythological deity. The Asgardian god of thunder and possessor of the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. He made his revival debut in the Silver Age of Comic Books, in "Journey into Mystery" #83 (Aug. 1962). What does Thor do on his day off from superheroing we may ask. Chris Hemswort, of JoBlo Movie Trailers, has found the answer to this puzzle. 
And we thought battling supper villains was all they did. "What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War (Comic-Con 2016) Thor Ragnarok HD" 

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Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere. 
Albert Einstein


  1. Imagination is sure easy at my sea, just comes to be

    1. Enjoy and relish in it. The only harm it brought me were the strings needed to keep me near this plant.
      Thank you

  2. Replies
    1. You would have loved me in my fencing days (45 years ago).
      Arlene was fighting them off, right and left.
      Thank you

  3. These words "Just one more thing before we go a kiss" are so lovely. I'm glad you put your imagination to good use!

    1. I'm so happy you, an astounding artist, liked this
      Thank you

  4. Imagination is a gift and a sanctuary.

    1. It sure is! And I had Chevron and the Masons finance mine.
      Lucky me.
      Thank you

  5. without this gift one is shallow