Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lost in Bitter Words to I Said Bitch 
Lover sees the truth in bitter words 
Husbands see the truth in a bitter word 

Lost in Bitter Words (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What was it we repeated yesterday
Will mark a new improvement to our life
We must be somewhat weary of this strife
Do you imagine all of this a play
What emptiness will next spew from those lips
Will make a mother wish you were not born
We all have things held in a wish to scorn
Do not believe from you alone all slips
What kind of fool are you to carry on
Will all this bickering remove some sting
We scream and cannot hear our own shame sing
Do you not see what’s left when all is gone
With pity at our moments let’s reflect
Me thinks I’ve lost a person I respect 

A hidden message reveals the secret of this Shakespearean sonnet.  The message is not that hidden. The first words of every quatrain are the same. A closer examination shows these words form a sentence (What Will We Do). This brings us to the rhyming couplet. The first words are: With Me, That's right. The sonnet is about the speaker. 

My teacher, guardian and mentor, Mr. Johnny Land,  emphasized to avoid  using harsh words toward anyone. Leave open the chance of friendship. Make friends not enemies. Listen. Harsh words often hurt the sender more than the recipient.  His lesson was easy to learn and practice in the direct rainbow of his wings. Then came Arlene. Life was wonderful. What reason did I have for any unkind words? Then came that small apartment, in the Richmond district. Everything changed. I changed. All of Mr. Land's teaching... flushed. The main target of my bitter words was Arlene. The biggest loser was me. Then came that big flat and a fresh start. Coincidentally, around the same time period, Chevron adopted a new money making philosophy: Not to accept any negatives and to turn all negatives into positives. Here was a time for me. A chance to make things good again to Mr. Land's teachings. A chance to regain the person I had lost and more. And most importantly, to regain the wonder of Arlene.

On the subject pf turning negatives into positives: It is entirely possible. Chevron Corporation proved, proves it and they make tons of money doing so. They don't have problems. They have challenges. All complaints are gladly accepted as gifts and opportunities for improvement. Any "you" must be followed by a compliment otherwise use the word "we". You are doing good. We could do better. It is a strange environment for ones not use to it. Stranger still, Chevron is an oil company.  Anything bad said against them, they learn and turn into a positive and make more money. Was I brainwashed by Chevron? Yes. Are there downsides to positive thinking? Challenging question. It is a fascinating world we live in, so enjoy.

Back to the sonnet: Elton John "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" 

Can we men talk - Where's the wife 

Research has shown that 1 in 5 husbands is keeping a major secret from their spouse. Though most of these involve infidelity and money problems, "boys' talk" is in there somewhere. It is surprising the extent that husbands will go to keep a secret from their wives. Key and Peele have a secret. They would prefer if they could keep it just among the men. To what extent will they go? 
Watch as two men trade secrets about arguing with their wives and setting them straight. "Key & Peele - I Said Bitch" 

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The only way to get the best 
of an argument is to avoid it. 
Dale Carnegie


  1. The tongue can be a sharp sword leaving a wound that never heals.

    1. Great words!
      Thank you for this marvelous addition

  2. It's interesting, I just read another blog post about seeing thing positively, with the glass being half full vs. half empty. The poem was powerful and it's good to see someone take challenges and make them work.

    1. Thank you for this comment. The whole concept of positive thinking as some holes. But that is another challenge

  3. 'Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me'.
    A common phrase. And so very wrong. Words do hurt. And leave scars. On both the recipient and the speaker.

    1. you are SO right!
      Thank you, even if we do think alike

  4. Depends on the words in the tone. I usually give a smart arse remark to most nasty comments and go on my merry way. I almost never say them first though.

    1. Try being nice to someone who tries to anger you. It has an interesting effect.
      Tank you for this great insight

  5. Replies
    1. Hopefully that's good.
      Thank you for dropping in