Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lovers Carry On to My Ex Girlfriend's New Boyfriend 
A dream of lovers 
A chaos of Exes 

Lovers Carry On (English sonnet) 

They made their dreams from smiles which woke the dawn
Which played politely parting with a song
That beckoned to their hearts to join along
And to this rhythm soon their minds were drawn
This sweetest song their minds hoped to prolong
Such was the way which lovers carry on
That wayward worries waned and soon were gone
While choruses of kisses keep them strong
And love of lovers swooned upon their door
Attracted by their dance and all its style
Each turn another promise there’ll be more
Each twirl another memory compile
Each step awoke a dream not had before
To think that all of this was in a smile 

Lovers and imagination carries on in this English sonnet.Wait. There is no conflict in this sonnet. That's right, The entire sonnet is a build up to a sweet surprise ending. The couplets are used as an emphasis. What adds to the wonder of all of this is that the first line told us that it was a smile. 

I am a cuddler. I went to sleep and woke up holding Arlene. I woke up to the morning just to see her smile. It wasn't just the morning, Arlene's smile was life's gift that everything was alright. I kept a picture of Arlene on my desk, so that I would never be far from the inspiration of that smile.That smile, that everything was alright. That smile, that I was alright. That smile, that Arlene was happy. And if she wasn't happy. Life's experience taught me to make it bloom again. All else starts from there. It wasn't a grin, though I love to hear Arlene laugh. It was a gentle wisp of a dream that only Arlene had, Other beautiful women could smile. But only Arlene could smile. And in that smile... Am I crazy? I am a cuddler. 

One of the greatest gifts that we all have is a smile. A simple smile can say, can mean so much. It can say everything;s okay. It can say Hello. It can say I care. It can bring hope. It can bring friendship. It can mean we are together. It can mean approval. Happy. Content. Good. We get the picture, and I've only touched the surface. Valuable, priceless and free, all at once. An individual thing, yet universal. Many believe that a smile is the beginning of world peace. This wonder of wonders is ours. Use it. Share it. Change the world with it. And enjoy. 

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Lovers and exes - From madness to madness 

According to the Huffington Post, after a break up, men are hurting, even if they are not showing it. It doesn't matter who caused the break up. In the case of Josh Leyva, his girlfriend left him. For another guy, no less! To help Josh get over her, his friend takes him to a party. Guess who sows up at the same party. 
Things just get better (or worse). "My Ex Girlfriend's New Boyfriend" 

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We shall never know all the good 
that a simple smile can do. 
Mother Teresa



  1. A smile can say a lot indeed and to have a great one staring back at you is sure a win.

    1. This coming from the maker of so many smiles
      Thank you for the ones you brought me

  2. What a lovely poem and dream. I especially liked the lines "Each step awoke a dream not had before
    To think that all of this was in a smile"

    1. Aah, I was a lost romantic.
      Thank you for the warmth

  3. Precious memories. To have, to hold, to cherish.

    1. A memory for me. A future for others. Life is a wonder.
      Thank you