Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lovers On A Pond to Joe At A Party 
Lovers meet on a pond 
Joe hopes to meet someone at a party 

Lovers On A Pond (English sonnet) 

Was on a pond a tender moonlit night
Two lovers met to dance amid the air
Such was the love this couple had to share
That fantasies and dreams they would ignite
And every heart was taken by this pair
The trees and flowers marveled at their sight
The stars would glow and wish on pure delight
If ever love was perfect it was there
But no one knows what happened the two
Some say a dark unknown had marked their end
A jealousy awakened by their bond
Still even now their moments are in view
As time itself these lovers would transcend
Whenever lovers kiss upon the pond

A romantic mystery becomes this English sonnet. In the quatrains the mood is set up and we are introduced to the lovers. With the appearance of the triplets the mood changes; In the first triplet the mysterious problem is introduced. With the conclusion, instead of solving the problem, something grander happens. 

Okay, I took some poetic licences. The place was Lake Chabot. The time was those disco days. On warm Saturdays, we would make a day and night of it. Arlene and I were introduced to Lake Chabot by our hairdresser, Ed. We would spend an afternoon at the lake before going out dancing. The lake was quite beautiful. Beyond the trees and flowers was a sandy beach leading to the comfortable waters of the lake. We would bring a light lunch. Mood? The location, the water, the sweetness of the flowers, and didn't take long for the kissing to start. There was magic in the air, as the beach became the scene of romance. When disco was dying, Arlene and I stopped going to Lake Chabot. Years went by. Arlene and I wanted to go back to Lake Chabot, so we pulled out the pictures. We knew that the lake would not be like those disco days. Instead of risking the disappointment, we created a dream. Our magic spot at Lake Chabot now and forever belongs to other young lovers. 

We all have magic moments. Arlene and I have reenacted some of our memories. They were never the same as the first time. There are some memories that are best left where they are. Memories are just that... The past. We cannot go back to the things that happened. We only have the now. (And we don't really have that.) Have we ever said, "I wish I would have..."? Let me put this in our minds: Instead of of wishing about a past, why not make those wishes make the most of now? Don't let anything, "anything" fool you. This is a grand, a marvel, a wonder that we're living. Make the most of it, and enjoy. 

When we think of love stories, who comes to mind: Nino Rota "A Time For Us" 

Let's join Joe and see if he got a date yet 

According to Time Out, a worldwide information source, Paris, France is the best city for dating in the world. I'm not sure how this will help Joe Clabby. who lives in New York. He is at the point where he would be happy just to meet someone to interact with. 
Why? You might ask. Well, just watch. "Joe At A Party" 

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Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, 
and freighted with the memories 
and the dreams of Time. 
H. P. Lovecraft


  1. What magical memories indeed and beautiful words and poetry that capture them so well...

    1. Thank you so much.
      I hope this awoke your magic times

  2. How true. We can very rarely go back, but we can savour the old and make new magic.

    1. So true. So true.
      And we can make legends.
      Thank you

  3. Yep, can't go back most times. But going ahead creates more

    1. Some of moments can be so much more.
      Thank you for dropping by

  4. Forget the poem, you had me at the photo.

    1. Photo? You would have loved Lake Chabot.
      Thank you. To our memories (past & future)

  5. Ha, finally tracked you to your blog! Yay! I enjoyed the mystery of the lost lovers! Smiles.

    1. Hope I wasn't too hard to find.
      Thank you for the compliments