Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Moment Of A Dream to I'm An Olympian - "Cool Runnings" 
Lovers enjoy a moment of a dream 
For young men enjoy a moment of a dream set to music 

Moment Of A Dream (English sonnet) 

There was a moment which a dream did cast
When scent from heaven blossomed all around
And time had stilled for meaning to be found
For we had touched each other’s heart at last
Remember how the world of us was bound
Such feelings in a heartbeat were amassed
Remember kisses’ wishes which we passed
A crystal spring whose waters grew profound
But ever moves through dreams of long ago
And sends them drifting in a mist filled maze
A fragrance of that stardust in the skies
Still in life’s forest springs regain their flow
And music of a moment softly plays
As dream familiar returns in your eyes 

Long ago and hope create this English sonnet. In this sonnet we start with a calm quatrain that introduces use to  a couple. Then, starting with the second quatrain, the fun starts. Notice the third line, where "kisses'" is followed by "W" words, which imitates a kiss. The conflict stanza starts with " But ever" which rhymes with "Remember" in the proceeding stanza. Then there is the word "your" in the last line. Is the sonnet referring to her or us? 

Arlene and I lived an unbelievable life in our twenties. The parties, the dancing, the discoveries, the exploring, taking in all of what life had to offer. All of it, together, Arlene and I learned how to "slow down" time, to make the most of our moments. Then we became parents. Things were a lot different from our youthful years. We were blessed  with two wonderful children, Peter and Robin. It was a marvelous time. So marvelous Arlene and I didn't notice that we were getting old. We made the most of our moments together. Our kids grew up and went out on their own. There we were, Arlene and I. Without our children, we could clearly see that that young couple had somehow turned old. It was a sudden realization. Imagine waking up to find that you are old. Little did we know, that a second round was coming. Arlene and I were extremely fortunate to be taken back to our twenties again, through our parties and events and the ones we were invited to. 

Does time go by too fast? A lot of people think so. Yet we have these words from Lenard Bernstein's "West Side Story", "The minutes seem like hours. The hours go so slowly." Then there's the classic question, "What you do this weekend?" Time. We can't do it over. We can't control it. But we can make the most of it. By doing so, time seems to slow down. I'm not saying to not watch TV or turn off those computers. Many times we engage in mindless activities. Therein lies the challenge. Staying alert. Alert to details. Alert to opportunities. Alert to changes. Alert to all the wonders all around us. Memories and moments will increase and seconds will take on new meaning. It is our time. Ours to use as is our pleasure. Don't just use it. Fill it. Fill it with all the things that make us and those important to us happy. Fill it with life's wonders. Fill it with all the glories, which is you and enjoy. 

Back to the sonnet: Frank Duval "Touch My Soul" 

Okay, it may be the wrong Olympics, but it's still funny 

Bobsleighs can attain speeds of 150 km/h (93 mph), with the reported world record being 201 km/h (125 mph). Another record was set in 1993, when Jamaica (supposedly) sent its first 4 man bobsleigh team to the Olympics. Another record was set when on August 5, 2016 the Gregory Brothers, of Schmoyoho, set the event to music. 
Another record is a 4 man bobsleigh video to celebrate the summer Olympics. "I'm An Olympian - Songify 'Cool Runnings!'" 

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Time is the father of truth, 
its mother is our mind. 
Giordano Bruno


  1. People will let themselves get "old". But its all in how you feel. People tend to give up at a curtain age and let their love grow old. Not me.

    1. Whatever you got, hold on to it.
      Don't forget to celebrate your blessing.
      Thank you

  2. Living in the moment isn't easy. But it is usually worth the effort.

    1. Worth it in time and happiness.
      Thank you and best wishes in your efforts

  3. Being alert sure is good. Cool Runnings good in any hood haha

    1. Bringing your world
      To this place unfurled
      What can I do
      But say thank you