Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mystery In The Desert to Chef Dog 
Explore the mysteries of a man's desert 
After which we will enjoy a meal prepared by a mystery chef 

Mystery In The Desert (free form poem) 

I find myself in a desert
Surrounded by unending sands
Monuments of time
Sparkling in the sun
Testaments of a life well lived
How did I get here
To witness the marvel
Of so many sunsets
The passing of laughter on the way
Refreshing oases of reflection
Refreshing what I see
It’s hard to see the footsteps
Those many winds have left behind
Which have brought me here
Of those which remain
Which ones are mine
Which ones are theirs
Which ones exist only in imagination
Does it really matter
To someone who searches
Thirsting for an answer
To refresh his heart
Lonely in me
Confused by my past
Dancing around me
With promises more beautiful ahead
I feel the weight of the desert
Bidding to me
Rest your weary head in time
Wash your soul in my glorious sands
Partake in the splendors around you
Be a part of the sparkle you made
I fell to my knees
At the truth to its words
I felt a teardrop fall
And the torrents which followed
Yet they were not mine
But the urging of others
Drawing me back to my feet
Carry on came the meaning
From Joyful oases of our past
Refreshing a purpose to all of this
Whispers in the waters of those tears
Do this for us 

The dualities of the desert offers itself for this free form poem. Imagine a typical sand cover desert. Imagine an oasis with fresh water. Imagine a soft wind. The sands of time. The reflection in the refreshing water. The whisper in the wind. These all enter a man's mind and we are there. 

I used to do funerals for the Masons. I performed 147 from 1999 and 2010. To put on a meaningful performance required that I do some research, to know the man. This poem is my interpretation of what might have gone through one man's mind. His name was Walter. He was a man of good cheer and about 55 years old. Everyone liked Walter and they would share with me many of his many exploits. Walter had earned all of the fraternity's honors. I was with the Masons for 3 years when Walter mysteriously disappeared. It was August of 2008 when I was called to do Walter's funeral.  It turns out Walter had inherited a rare decease which slowly robbed him of the use of his body. Each day Walter grew worse. At first Walter was ready to give up. His wife had died before I joined the Lodge. Walter's son told me that it was her memory that brought his father the strength and courage to live one more day. I also learned from his son how painful it was to watch is father decaying. Here was a once active, leader of men turned into into this thing who could only communicate by winking his eyes. The reason that he disappeared was because he didn't want too many to go through the pain his son was enduring. Walter wanted everyone to remember him as he was. So at is funeral we didn't talk about how Walter died, but celebrated a man's life. And what a life it was. 

We could easily say that was a sad tale. But is that what a person wanted? Is that why an individual paid his lonely hours for? Walter wanted us to remember how he lived. Not how he died. It is part of that noble quality we all possess. That's right. We all possess a noble quality. It is part of our instinct to save ourselves. It is also part our instinct to save someone close to us. When we help someone, it makes us feel good. That noble quality. The more we help, the better we feel. We probably don't stop to think about it. That noble quality. And when we work together, we feel good. Noble? And when the world is better because of us how can we help but Enjoy.

And when the sun rises in the desert: Tchaikovsky "Arabian Dance" 

Anybody hungry 

The physical sensation of hunger is related to contractions of the stomach muscles. These contractions are believed to be triggered by high concentrations of the ghrelin hormone. To prevent hunger Mark Edward Fischbach  as brought in Chef Chica to prepare a delicious vegetarian spaghetti. Who is Mark Edward Fischbach? He is Markiplier of YouTube fame. Who is Chef Chica? 
That's a dog of a question. "Chef Dog" 

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  1. Yeah, no boohoos when I go. Burn me and use me for kitty litter for all I care, just have fun doing it lol

    1. What if I use your ashes to fertilize a tree?
      Thank you for dropping in

  2. I dont want a funeral, I want a party.
    And That video made me laugh.

    1. And you should have a celebration.
      Thank you. Glad I could put a smile on your face

  3. I am transported by your poetry today to another place... Your words are lovely and thoughtful about your friend as well.

    1. Your words are so kind.
      Thank you for sharing those good feeling.

  4. I hope that Walter's memories sustained him during his slow decline. Add me to those who don't want a funeral. I would be happy to have an eco funeral and feed a tree, which will shelter birds...

    1. I was told they did and more.
      I leave my funeral to my family.
      Thank you