Sunday, August 21, 2016

Return Again to Jason Bourne Resurfaces 
A lover's supplication to return 
A CIA agent is on a new case when a old protagonist returns 

Return Again (poem) 

Return again to springtime
Joyous memory
The glory of your sunshine
Then returned to me
The flowers sang love’s music
Heartbeats we would share
Return again to springtime
Always waits us there
Remember the dream filled plans
Whispered to the stars
Such priceless crystal vision
Shaped this world of ours
Not you nor I is certain
What brought season’s close
It didn’t seem a challenge then
Paths that we had chose
Return again to springtime
Life filled problems fall
Dusting myself off once more
Answering its call
Each corner seemed to test me
Lessons fit to last
Return again to springtime
Came a strength from past
The morning of my wisdom
Quiet I was blessed
This called success I passed through
Price I now addressed
Return again to springtime
Kisses reoccur
All reason of my being
All return to her
For the time we were apart
Letter held my plea
When you too find life’s meaning
Then return to me 

A supplication and moments breath life into this poem. This is an example of a common poetic form where the first and third lines do not rhyme but the second and fourth do. I have also kept the meter tight (7-5). Notice also the reoccurene of "Return again to springtime". In the final line this is replaced by "Then return to me". 

Here we were, Arlene and I, in our large flat, facing life's challenges as a couple, a team (formidable at that). We would later rent a house, then buy a house of our own. Every now and again, I am taken back to the days when our relationship was challenged, in that small apartment, where it all nearly ended. One memory, in particular, of those times dominates the rest. Another fight broke out. We exchanged mindless bitter words Words whose aim was pain, rather than any truth. Arlene went and slammed the door of the bedroom. I went out the front door. I didn't get far. I sat down outside, my back against the door, wondering what just happened. After an eternity of brooding and being totally lost, I found myself laying on the floor. Arlene had flung open the door, not suspecting I was resting against it. She kissed me, crying that she was sorry. Arlene had saved every card and letter I had written to her from day one. As it turned out, she had turned to these letters after the fight. Fate had guided her to a poem that a young lover wrote her, titled, "Return to Springtime". We made up and went out to dinner. It would be perfect if this happened just before we left that trouble laden apartment. For the sake of the poem, let's pretend it did. 

Fate. How many of us have run into it? Have had it cross our path? Is it real or is it just a figment of imaginations? Is it mere chance, a roll of the dice? Life is a wonder. Even if we go with science, trying to explain it all, life is a wonder. Are we, you and I, willing to say there is no purpose to it all. It is, and should be, an individual thing. For me personally, life's challenges can be so harsh, why not let a little magic in? (As long as it doesn't hurt anybody.) Life is wonderful We are wonderful. How about a feather in that hat? Yes, no? We don't wear a hat? Fate? It is all up to us as we take in the wonders that are all around us. As we revel in that wonder which we call me, Enjoy. 

This all calls for a little mood music: Claude Debussy "The Girl With The Flaxen Hair" 

Talk about fate: Jason Bourne has resurfaced - Fate or laughs 

Jason Bourne is a fictional character created by novelist Robert Ludlum, who was a foreign service officer whose tormented past continues to influence him throughout his lifetime. It is now 2016 and  Pamela Landy, who was a character in the Bourne series, has moved on to a new assignment. In a new series, by Studio C, Jason Bourne has resurfaced. What new danger is threatening our world? 
 Let's put all else aside except a laugh or two. "Jason Bourne Resurfaces in 2016" 

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You can close your eyes to reality 
but not to memories. 
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec


  1. A little magic sure can't hurt. Even what's classified as "right" today by science, can turn out to be found wrong tomorrow. i.e. Pluto and the earth being flat and all lol

    1. Point well taken. ...and consider quantum science...
      Thank you for the excellence

  2. I dont believe in fate. I think we all have control of what can and does happen.

    1. You go girl. Even in your typing, I can feel your resolve.
      Thank you for this

  3. I am glad your lovely poetry of spring sparked something beautiful in your life.

    1. Thank you. As I get older, I seem to focus on the brighter bits of life

  4. Some days (often) life is a mystery. All the more reason to cherish the special moments.

    1. I agree! Keep heading the way you are going and and you will see the world as I do and far beyond...
      Thank you

  5. Hello, lovely poem. There are times I believe in fate. Memories can be wonderful.
    Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comments.
      May you continue to enioy and share the richnrss that is yours