Monday, August 8, 2016

Returning Lovers to Love Literally 
Couple returns to join eternity 
Couple returns  to literally make us laugh 

Returning Lovers (English sonnet) 

Returning lovers sit and gaze at stars
Together sailing on a satin sea
Their kisses cast another destiny
They search for something which we thought was ours
Return in lovers one more chance to see
If lovers still remember how to dream
And dreams still promise everything they seem
This seem of dreams was our reality
Returning lovers chosen of the few
Prepare for winds to come and test your world
Confounding ghastly sorrows with delight
Return in love the riches it is due
For now you are the star which love unfurled
And other lovers come to see at night 

The fate of these lovers is written in this English sonnet. The first thing we notice is the play on the words "Returning" and "Return in" (which are sound alike rhymes). If we look closely at the second quatrain, we may note the play on "dream" and "seem". In the final stanza, did we notice the "lovers", which appeared on the first line of each stanza, is not on the first line. Instead, it shares the last line, transformed to the other lovers. 

I wish I could tell you that Arlene and I were that star. Arlene and I accomplished many things. Most notably, the reestablishment of the PTA at our children's elementary school. Which I understand is still going strong. On the subject of love: there were the dances we brought back to the San Francisco Masons. Part of the rejuvenation of membership was credited to these dances. Other Lodges imitated our successes and invited Arlene and I to their dances. When Arlene and I turned our talents to scholarships and helping the youth groups, others took over the parties. The dances became "business as usual". In 2004, as attendance to parties was going down, I was asked why Arlene and I were so successful. Five years latter and people remember the magic times. I told them, "Imagination, risk and luck. As I get the various Lodge bulletins, I see that my council reached attentive ears. So today those dances have returned. So, I guess Arlene and I are a star. 

Religion aside, we really don't die. We know that nature reuses every particle over and over again. That fingernail we clip today might someday be a part of a tree on Mars. As wild as that sounds, there is us. That essence that makes us us. Our thoughts, our behavior, our values, our talents, every non-material part of our mind. our heart, our soul also lives on. We live on in every person we touch and they in us. A cashier at a convenience store  treats us good, so we hold a door for someone else, who picks up and returns something dropped, and on and on it goes. So it is with everything. Nothing, nothing ever dies. Sure, the combination of many things (i.e. a person) changes. But noting dies. What a wonder life is. What a wonder we are. So as the sun greets another wonder, live and enjoy. 

How about some music to go with that poem: Carlos Sentinel "Luna Llena" 

What does love mean literally 

There is a mental disorder called Asperger syndrome. Asperger's is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. People with Asperger's tend to take things literally. One must be careful not to confuse Asperger's with stupidity. Here to demonstrate the difference is Ryan Higa of Nigahiga. Ryan is meeting with an old girlfriend to set things straight.
If you meet someone like Ryan, they may be suffering from this disability. The problem is, which one. "Love Literally" 

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However much I might try to expound 
or explain Love, when I come to Love itself, 
I am ashamed of my explanations... 
Love alone can explain the mysteries 
of love and lovers. 


  1. ....cannot counter that. We leave a trace, whether intentional or not.

    1. You've seen it too.
      Thank you for the added value

  2. A good reason for doing our best to ensure that our trace is not a smear.

    1. Excellent point. I totally missed this.
      Thank you for watching my back

  3. What fascinating thoughts and beautiful words!

  4. Very true, every bit in some way goes on each day

    1. Life is fascinating, isn't it?
      Thank you for this affirmation