Monday, August 15, 2016

Sorrow's Flower to Sausage Party Grocery Store
A strange flower is found in the desert 
Strange food is found in a grocery store 

Sorrow’s Flower (Italian sonnet) 

A flower in its desert setting grew
The sun and sand and time its only friends
And here the pages of its Joy extends
Until the path of stranger happened through
Was something to its beauty made him soar
Its splendor was the dawn of hidden tears
A sadness he had buried all these years
And with each teardrop came one blossom more
The stranger shared with others what he saw
Whose tears to beauty made a river flow
Whose richness made the seeds of flower grow
As more and more were captured in this awe
Such beauty we should wear upon our crown
Each window doorway fountain should it grace
Forget all others flower will replace
And that’s how sorrow grew into their town 

A strange tale blossoms in this Italian sonnet. There is only one thing special hidden in this sonnet. It is simply a story of a beautiful flower which a man finds. He takes it back to town where everyone falls in love with it. The flower and its offspring take over the town.  If we haven't found that one thing special in this sonnet, here's a clue. Take the last line and remember where the flower first was found. 

This sonnet is about our fascination with sorrow, especially our draw toward the bad news in the media. I am particularly sensitive because of events that happened to me. One, in particular, happened when I was involved with Abraham Lincoln High School. Lincoln is one of San Francisco's better schools. It has an excellent staff and strong PTA. It has a strong student participation and is above average according to California standards. It is therefore one of the schools that receives little attention from the San Francisco Unified School District, especially financing. It was my second year leading my Lodge's public schools committee when our attention was drawn toward Lincoln. After investigation they needed tons of computers and their industrial arts department needed a complete overhaul. We got the community involved and my Lodge came forward with the extra finances. This was big. So big that Lincoln planned a special assembly for the occasion. Even Willie Brown, then Mayor, was invited. I personally contacted the media (TV, radio and newspapers) to tell them of the big event. On the night of the event, even though Willie and members of his staff showed up for the celebration,not one member of the press showed up. There was too much bad news happening in San Francisco that night. 

Contrary to what the news media would have us believe, there aren't really that many bad things happening. Another cop kills an innocent black man. A madman kills 49 people. Tragic and unacceptable. But there are far, far more good things happening all around us. In fact these bad sides of humanity are rare, proportionally, exceptions. People are basically good. For some reason, good news just doesn't sell. Undaunted people still believe in the higher attributes of society. The higher side of you and me. Aside from what we see and hear in the media, this is a beautiful world we live in. Sure, there are many opportunities for improvement we could be working on. And we are working on many of these. (They just don't make the news.) Believe in us. Believe in the goodness of mankind. Take in our goodness and enjoy. 

How about some music for all of this: Carlos Santana "Flor d'Luna" 

If the world is not strange enough let's take the next step 

The American and Australian scientists measured I.Q. of 972 volunteers and came to a conclusion that those participants of experiment, who daily used dairy products, were tested on logical thinking and memory much more successfully than those who neglected yogurts and cheese. So what we eat can make us more intelligent. But what about the food we eat? I'm talking about cantaloupes and loafs of bread. Do they have intelligence? Can they talk? 
You think I'm crazy, don't you? Well, watch this. "SAUSAGE PARTY - Grocery Store Prank" 

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History will have to record that the greatest tragedy 
of this period of social transition was not the strident 
clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence 
of the good people. 
Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. What a beautiful poem and such lovely thoughts. I do wish we heard more about the good that happens all around us...

    1. Thank you once again for the compliment.
      We can be a source of spreading good news

  2. Sadly good news doesn't trend. Im with you on I believe there is more good than bad in this world. You never hear it all.

    1. There is a source trying a different strategy called the Good News Network.
      Thank you for your concern

  3. Good news doesn't get the ratings and pay the bills, sadly, so all we get is the bad crap.

    1. Let us hope that some day...
      Thank you, Good to see you

  4. ....... and this is why I enjoy reading your post! Gets me away from hearing bad news on all other media!