Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer Set to Summer Fun Dance Party 
A magic time was set there for always 
A magic dance for always is set there 

Summer Set (English sonnet)

A moment set in summer has returned
To send me once again upon Joy’s shore
And let me drift in heartbeats of before
Where every wish another dream was churned
A summer set for lovers to explore
Impossible were fringes yet discerned
And every kiss and hug forever earned
Was this the breath which life was waiting for
But that was summer set in long ago
When all our hopes were written in the skies
A tender captive swept within time’s flow
We felt its passing in those sunset sighs
And though long passed I still enjoy the glow
Each summer set recaptured in your eyes 

A dream returns that never left in this English sonnet. As in most English sonnets. this sonnet, is broken in to twp parts. The quatrains explain a circumstance. The triplets or, in this case, the couplets give the reason(s). If we get the feeling the word "set" has more than one meaning, one may be right.  

Summers have always been a special time for Arlene and me. I like to believe it goes back to our school days. Call me weird, but I really liked school. Arlene and I went to different schools, But in summer, we went to the same school. This increased the amount of time we were together. The magic times. As we grew older, we followed the fashion of taking summer vacations. We got into the custom of engaging in something romantic on the last day or night. We would find ourselves, at some point, gazing into each other's eyes, as lovers are apt to do. There, in Arlene's eyes, more than any other time, were the moments we just made. It is hard, if not impossible, to describe. In an instance, were the feeling of all that we went through, and the feeling of warm gratitude was there. If ever there existed a timelessness it is there. I have touched timelessness, there in Arlene/s eyes. And not only did that gaze contain the moment just made. It held every moment made, back to those summer school days. 

I'm pretty sure we have all touched "timelessness". A moment when time seems to go slower than normal. One common example is: when we a really are looking forward to something happening Time seems to be going slower than normal. The scientific explanation for this is that we are processing more information than. The romantic explanation is that we have entered a different time. I am convinced that we humans don't fully understand time. Whatever the case, I'm pretty sure we have all touched "timelessness". Can we experience more? I believe we can. I believe that there is so much more to everything. Even a simple thing. like the endlessness of a lover's eyes. How much more are we missing? Let's find out. Let's find out and enjoy. 

Back in a lover's eyes: George Benson "In Your Eyes" performed by Sandro Scuoppo 

Is there something special about summer 

According to consumer census the top 5 most popular summer vacation activities in the United States are 1) shopping (54%), 2) visiting historical sites (49%), 3) swimming/water sports (49%), 4) going to a park or national park (46%), and 5) sightseeing tours (46%). I'm surprised that parties, particularly dance parties, didn't make the list. Perhaps parties and dancing have become too much a part of our life. The magic of Scott Winn (ScottDW) will illustrate what I mean. 
As with all of Scott's work, there is more to this video than meets the eye. "SUMMER FUN DANCE PARTY!" 

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Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, 
and freighted with the memories 
and the dreams of Time. 
H. P. Lovecraft


  1. Hello, love the poem. I would never spend my vacation shopping, the beach and or the mountains would be relaxing. Summer seems to fly by for me, I wish i could slow time down. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

    1. Take in what you do so well. Those picture moments.
      Tank you for the positive wises.
      May your days be bright

  2. Welcome back.
    Time is definitely an artificial construct, and much more flexible than we realise.

    1. Agreed.
      I am one of those for whom time moves real slow. A blessing and a curse.
      Thank you for this affirmation

  3. What a sweet poem. There is so much joy in love and spending time with those we love... I enjoyed your poem and your words.

    1. Thank you for your warm words.
      May love's garden embrace you

  4. Time is a fickle thing, we made up our own take on it and it stuck. But there is waaaay more to it than humans have the capacity to think up at the moment, I think.

    1. "We think"
      I'm with you. And so is Elephant Child.
      Thank you for this time