Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunset Comes to Neo vs Robocop 
Amazing memories return to greet the sunset 
Amazing heroes return to meet in combat 

Sunset Comes (Martin verse) 

The sunset comes to end the day once more
A scene entwined in many times before
When lovers ‘ kisses venture nightly shore
And dreams of all the future holds in store
Enchantment was the day which brought us here
And worlds which really mattered were brought near
The purpose of enjoyment’s path was clear
As limitations seemed to disappear
Each day would pass enriched with so much more
What could go wrong with promises so near
Tomorrows were another kiss to clear
And one more treasure for two hearts to store
And now the waves of days has washed us here
So many were the moments of before
So countless were the wounds which we would shore
Were we just one more tale to disappear
Amazing what a heart will choose to store
With memories I walk along a shore
Desiring way to path of long before
As sunset comes to end the day once more 

Only treasured memories survive to see the sunset in this Martin verse. A Martin verse takes two sets of rhyming words (eight words total). Mixes them up. Then brings back the original four words in reverse order. Notice that in this verse the positives seem to take root, become an important part of the message. The negative are mentioned, but do not seem to take root. When the end comes, it bears with it a positive feeling. 

Arlene and I enjoyed a spectacular life. Things were not always rosy. Even when life was good, there were many thorns. One of these "thorns" was money. Arlene and I weren't exactly rich. If Arlene was't spending inordinate amounts of cash, I was. When I was a successful photographer, I would use the money I made to buy things like lights and lenses or dinners. I could complain about the money Arlene spent on clothes, but she didn't spend $400.00 on a tennis racket. Then there was the whole disco experience. It was pricey to be the dance stars Arlene and I were. The whole neighborhood knew when it was credit card bill time, from the lightening bolts at a certain residency. As time passed, Arlene and I got better with our finances. Money was just one of our thorns. Back to the poem. At the end of the day, the good times overpowered the bad. Even more. The good times got better and those other times didn't seem so bad (if they really happened at all).

I'd like to say that the good times always overpower the bad. It as been my experience though, that it really depends on the nature of the individual. A person who likes complaining, and such, will attract more negatives than positives. Stop and consider this: Are these really negatives to this person? As individuals, we all have our own unique value system. Some people  like being miserable. I believe that it is the nature of life to offer us balance. If we are not entirely happy then it is up to us to adjust and accept what life has to offer. Explore all that really makes us happy. We are that important that life needs to bring us balance. Accept what life has for us and Enjoy. 

Now for a classic from the past: The Ink Spots "Memories Of You" 

Villains are getting so scarce that heroes battle each other 

Neo (Thomas A. Anderson) is an anagram of "one", a reference to his destiny of being The One who would bring peace. There are claims that a nightclub in Chicago inspired the name of the character in the Matrix. Now it is 2016. A year heroes are pitted against heroes. Our hero Neo, of "The Matrix" fame, must now take on the hero Robocop, in this video by Antonio Maria da Silva. 
Are we ready for the destruction? "NEO (MATRIX) VS ROBOCOP. AMDSFILMS." 

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The good and bad things 
are what form us as people... 
change makes us grow. 
Kate Winslet


  1. Those who like being miserable I get away from fast

    1. It as been my experience, we do not attract them, unless they want to change.
      Thank you. Nice to see you

  2. Wonderful poem today. I think we all have our shares of good and bad. It is often what we cling to which makes us who we are.

    1. I agree!
      We are who we are. The flavors of me.
      Thank you for sharing these thoughts

  3. What a fabulous poem, I think the memories we focus on are valuable. Finances can indeed be a thorny issue, I'm glad things improved.

    1. Thank you for the warm words.
      We can relate to financial challenges

  4. You are right that some people thrive on the negatives. My drama queen mother would invent them if none came her way. Her choice. Not mine.

    1. But she is a queen. I'n sure you make her happy (by being you).
      Thank you for adding to this edition

  5. Hi Martin, I especially like the third and fourth stanzas--and your commentary at the end. I've added you to my feedly to follow your work.

    1. Thank you so much!
      Feel free to add your insights