Friday, August 5, 2016

The Dream to Going Organic 
A dream should come more natural than this 
A man has decided organic food is more natural 

The Dream (rotating poem)

What is this dream hid out of sight
Which has me thrashing through the night
Is it a whim which now holds me
And dare I chance to wait and see
It yearns for me apparently
Yet still I feel it’s just not right
Am I to quench some appetite
Am I to stay or should I flee
You’d think it come more naturally
When dealing with a what might be
Perhaps a pleasure fear of flight
But indecision holds me tight
My quandary heightens its delight
I’ve freed some sort of ecstasy
That drapes me in its fantasy
Behold the flames as they ignite
What was this dream hid out of sight
Which had me thrashing through the night
It was a whim had hold of me
Another’s dream I chanced to see

A dream set in motion forms this rotating poem. In this poem two different rhyme sounds were selected.  As the poem progresses the rhymes are set in motion, downward one line at a time. All the while the speaker is dreaming, The forward progression is a hint of resolution. 

Once I conquered my childhood abuser in my dreams, where he ruled and dominated for years, what dreams I had. I was married to my childhood sweetheart, Arlene. I had a dream job. And later came the Masons. Real opportunities for a dreamer. I once had these dreams about flying and airplanes and a big party. It wasn't a bad dream. It only bothered me because it kept reoccurring. Chevron Corporation used to have it own hanger at the Oakland Intentional Airport. They wanted to have a big celebration for it's anniversary. I must have gotten wind of it subconsciously. I  didn't pay any attention to it, except in my dreams. I put two and two together when the job fell in my lap. I must have really wanted the opportunity, but the fear of it going to another protected my days but not my nights. When the project was finally laid in my lap all I had to do was convert my dreams into reality. Not a problem, with Chevron's money.

I admit my life put me in unique situations. But at the end of it all, I clearly see that dreams and reality may be the same things. Oh sure, I'm not really a dragon. Or am I? I can't really fly. Yet there are high powered air enclosures that carry people into the air. I had Chevron and the Masons and their money. Now we have technology. And even that technology was someone's dream. Now, people can prove me wrong. But who does that hurt? Know how dream can be real and everybody wins. Know how life is a dream and enjoy.

Talk about dreams, here's a weird one: R-Ice "Lost Dream" 

Could this be why organic food is a little more expensive 

Organic food is the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides; growth regulators and livestock feed additives. Organic food is thought generally healthier. Generally better for us. Until we run into JP Sears of Awaken With JP. JP has recently become and organic advocate. He has released a video about his change of life on going organic. 
Note - JP is unique and that should pretty much explain the laughs. "Going Organic - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 37" 

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You have to dream 
before your dreams can come true. 
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


  1. Pretty poem! It is good to be able to dream. Even better if they are good dreams that come true. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. Hope you have a grand weekend

  2. Quite a lot of things which are natural are bad for us. Think arsenic and salmonella for starters. That said, I do prefer my food without too many chemicals added to it. And believe that dreams are a gift.

    1. As I get older I am turning more vegan. It is a body craving.
      Thank you. Much appreciate you dropping by

  3. It's fascinating that your dream and reality were so connected. The poem is beautiful.

    1. I am sure some of dreams see reality. I enjoy your art.
      Thank you