Thursday, August 11, 2016

Try To Tell to We Have Big News 
A lover tries to tell the reason of his day 
A couple tries to tell friends and family their big news

Try To Tell (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Try to tell sunshine the reason of day
Try to tell flower why beauty astounds
Try to tell music which sets hearts astray
Whisper to wishes of dreams out of bounds
Sing to the spring of stars in lovers’ eyes
The memories awaiting for kisses to share
Try to tell longing of long lasting sighs
The scent of pure Joy which floats in the air
This wonder of youth which never grows old
In search of a truth which words cannot find
A vane touch for sooth makes wisdom unfold
Try to tell my soul to this I’m resigned
I’m lost in a world of what can I do
Try to tell always my sunshine is you 

A lost lover is captured in this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet is spiced with rhymes within rhymes and plays with consonant sounds (like the L in "...longing of long lasting sighs). The speaker is obviously lost in love. The fun in this sonnet is in the lines that begin with "Try to tell". Notice that the sonnet begins a with "Try to tell sunshine". Clue: In the last line we find out that she is the sunshine. 

Arlene used to get a kick out of driving me crazy with her beauty. Ever since her tear touched my arm, that night I first fell in love with her, Arlene's beauty had a strange effect on me. She knew it. Over time I got used it. Here's were the fun really starts. Arlene would dress differently or get a new hair style or change her makeup style or something. I was a "teenager" again. A lovesick fool. Let me share what happened one night. I forget why, but Arlene and I had a dinner date at Alexandro's, a Basque restaurant, not far from our large flat. I was dressed and ready to go. I missed Arlene as she came home from the beauty parlor. I suspected she was up to something. I opened the bedroom door, to tell her that we were running late. When I opened the door... what I beheld! Beauty. It was hard to take my eyes off her. I might miss something. When we arrived at Alexadro's, it was an off night, not too many customers and the piano player was not there. After a dink, I took to the piano to sing how beautiful Arlene was. I don't consider myself a piano player, but I was a singer since before I met Arlene. I must been alright, since no one kicked me off the piano or people just admire lovers.

Ah love. What a blessing, love. What an endless adventure, love. Don't tell me it's just chemicals and brain cells firing. There is more to it. There is a love for a person or a thing. There is a love for that someone, our parents, our children. There is a love we have for one another. There is a love we have for ourselves. Love is all around. Love is different to each individual, yet two individuals can touch in love. Love goes were words cannot. The source of untold pleasures and endless pain. Even nature has the power to express love. And here we are with this wonder all around. Take it in. Revel in it, with it. Share it. And enjoy. 

With love on our mind, let's enjoy: Stevie Wonder "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" 

A couple try to share the love of what soon will happen, But... 

Along with the normal effects of pregnancy, pregnant women experience a heightened sense of smell. This is basically the body's way of steering them away from food that would be bad for the baby. Another effect can be when sharing the big news with friends and family. They may have other things on their minds. This could be a problem. At least it was one for this couple from Studio C. 
Get your pencils and paper ready, to help figure out why you're laughing. "We Have Big News" 

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A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, 
and man cannot live without love.  
Max Muller


  1. Love is such a beautiful thing. Your poem is so moving. I am glad you and Arlene had so many magical moments.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed.
      Thank you for warming my heart

  2. Some things should never be analysed. Accepted, welcomed and cherished, but never analysed.

    1. Again, I agree.
      Thank you for this affirmation

  3. Have to just go with it. Always something new to make you feel like a teenager again sure didn't hurt matters any too.

    1. I sense you've had similar experiences.
      Thank you for standing at my side, bro