Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Was There to Corn On The Cob 
A time for lovers to dance 
A time to thoroughly enjoy corn on the cob  

Was There (Martin verse) 

Was there the couple met to dance
And for this while their time to chance
To taste the fruits of pure romance
Surrender all for lovers’ trance
And all around the world was theirs
Flirtatious worries idle cares
Endless kisses enduring stares
So much ignited by their flares
Soon life was there to meet their dance
Invented worries made up cares
Unnoticed change amid their stares
Unknowingly lost to new trance
Then world of confusion was theirs
Just sorrow and tears would they chance
Left only heartbreak to romance
Their passions now arguments’ flares
But there in a sleep or a trance
They dreamt of a distant romance
Was there they had nothing to chance
Was there the couple met to dance 

A couple's dance awakens once again in this Martin verse. As in all Martin verses only eight rhyming words are used, in the twenty lines. This means those words may have to carry more than their common meanings, Notice also the haunting effect of repeating the first line at the end. In this case a sign of endearing hope. 

Let's go into that flat, Arlene's and my third abode. It was huge! It had a front room next to a dining room which connected to a pantry, which opened up to a full kitchen. Next to the front room was a small room, which we made into a music room, as with its door closed it was almost sound proof. The bedrooms were in the back. Finances permitting, Arlene and I would throw parties. The front room was spacious enough for ten to twelve couples to comfortably dance. Most of the time, Arlene and I had this "ballroom" to ourselves. And we used it. Dancing was very important to Arlene. And I loved dancing with her. What's this all got to do with the poem? During our dancing, Arlene and I would, at times, talk about that pair in that small apartment, we just left. We were and are so admired. How could we have fought? What got into us? And then it came out. Even as we fought in those bitter times, in our dream we danced. Just like now. And here we are. 

Easy for me to tell anyone that dreams really do come true. Life dealt me a pretty good hand. If anything, I might have played my cards better. With this in mind I turned to charity work, to give back some of the blessings I was gifted with. It was through this charity work that I met people. I mean really met. What wonders we are. Special in our unique ways. I touched individuals in full bloom. I touched individuals in partial bloom. I touched individuals who it was not their time. Yet we are all flowers, in our own way, in our own time, in our own moment. Do dreams really come true? Go to the mirror and ask the only individual who can give you a truthful response. And as you behold that marvel, enjoy. 

On the subject of dancing: Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin "The Anniversary Song" 

Who doesn't like corn 

The world's largest corn producer is the United States at 367,680,000 metric tons a year, followed by China at 217,000,000 metric tons and then there's Brazil at 75,000 metric tons. There sure is a lot of corn in this world. Here to help us cook some of that corn is Gregg, of You Suck At Cooking. Not only are we taught how to cook corn, but husking and gathering are covered and more. A real must watch.
Ever wonder were corny came from? Well... "Corn on the Cob - You Suck at Cooking (episode 45)" 

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But let there be spaces in your togetherness 
and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. 
Love one another but make not a bond of love: 
let it rather be a moving sea between the shores 
of your souls. 
Khalil Gibran



  1. We havent thrown any parties but We have turned on the music and danced in the living room. Just last night.

    1. You go girl. Romantic wasn't it?
      Thank you for sharing

  2. Oh I had forgotten about that song! Since my 44th anniversary is Monday.... I might just have to sing it!

    1. Glad I could bring back a happy memory.
      Thank you for the magic
      Happy anniversary

  3. Some may get a better hand than others but sometimes bad hands can be turned to good ones too.

    1. One never knows. N'est pas?
      Thank you for this added insight

  4. The poem is lovely! How wonderful that you and Arlene had a space that so suited you and enabled many dances...

    1. It was a glorious place for a disco couple.
      Thank you for your compliment

  5. Are you ok? It is not like you to go so long between posts.

    1. My lower legs need some hospital attention. Not sure ow long this will last.
      Thank you for your concern