Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Your Smile to Save The Phone 
A lover is saved by a smile 
People try to save a phone 

Your Smile (lyrical poem) 

When troubles loom
And worries bloom
The skies once bright are marred with gloom
My senses shrouded by some doom
The ceaseless strain
Of mindless pain
An emptiness I can’t explain
And all I was begins to drain
Your smile
And everything you do
Refreshes me anew
A faithful light to see things through
My grace of hope for world more true
Amid the squall
When hardships call
And pillars everlasting fall
Dark shadows from their corners crawl
Confusion’s reign
Its sparks insane
And holds on me I can’t contain
My slipping grip I can’t maintain
Your smile
And everything you are
My everlasting star
In Joy you call me from afar
To save me from world gone bizarre
Your smile
And all your precious ways
Those meanings of my days
A certainty which never strays
Your love which shines beyond all praise
Your smile 

Words waiting for a song, but meanwhile there's a smile in this lyrical poem. As a lyrical poem, the meter (beats) is very tight. The poem follows this form: V, V, C, V, V, C, C, coda (where V = verse and C = chorus). The poem ends with the smile chorus, fittingly, dominating. 

As always, if there are any song writers in need of some lyrics, help yourself. 

When I landed my dream job at Chevron, some of the projects that I took on where a bit risky and/or stressful. I kept lots of pictures of Arlene around. It was her smile that made things easier. It was her smile that was the real purpose of the day. It was the magic of her smile that inspired me. I recall one occasion. Chevron was meeting wit some leaders of Argentina to finalize an oil deal. I was asked to get a professional photographer to capture the signers of the contract. Simple enough. Unfortunately, a major traffic accident shut down the Bay Bridge and trapped the photographer I had hired. It was a little more than an hour from the scheduled shoot when I found out. What I to do? I gazed at a picture of Arlene and that smile. I was inspired and more. I got some executive secretaries to help me. I managed to get a professional camera from the public affairs department. I bought some disposable cameras for the secretaries. I explained what happened to the photographer I had hired to the person who booked my service and that I would be taking the pictures. The secretaries and I took a mountains of pictures of the men in the garden between the Chevron buildings. While everyone went to lunch, I went to a photo lab. With Chevron's money, I had little problem getting the attention I needed. All those cameras, we managed to capture some pretty amazing picture. When everyone got back from lunch they were more than impressed that I already had the pictures developed and had copies for everyone. (Keep in mind this was the old days.) I had performed beyond expectations. When I got home. I kissed the smile that gave me the inspiration. 

It is said that a smile is the simplest yet great gift at our command. Without a word a smile can say so much. Can mean so much. Hope, kindness, friendship, love, unity and more, all captured and given freely. What a marvelous treasure at our beckoning. With a smile we can lighten another's day. With a smile we can inspire someone dear to us. With a smile things don't hurt as much. Don't forget to share this gift of gifts with the most important individual of all. You. That's right, never forget that we too deserve, need some of that marvel. And as we spread this piece of ourselves, enjoy. 

How about a song about a smile: Rene and Angela "Your Smile " 

What do cell phones and water have in common 

Despite its popularity as a wet-device cure, placing your cell phone in a bag of uncooked rice may dry it out but won’t always be enough to fix the phone.Minerals in the water can dry and potentially react with materials inside the phone. Hence, how important it is to keep those phones dry, at all costs. Still, accidents do happen, like this one captured by Life According To Jimmy. 
One would think that a swimming pool would send up waves of red lights to cell phone user. "SAVE THE PHONE!" 

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A smile is the light in your window 
that tells others that there is a caring, 
sharing person inside. 
Denis Waitley



  1. A lot of words are in a smile but its in the eyes that tell the true story.

    1. So true.
      Thank you for adding a twinkle to this

  2. Smiles are a gift which keep on giving aren't they? And like, ripples in a pond, they spread.

    1. You know it.
      Thank you for smiling on me

  3. How magical a smile can be! I very much enjoyed your poem and your recounting of that smile that saved you...

    1. Thank you and I hope it brought an extra smile into your day

  4. A smile is like magic and can say so much. I agree with Lisa it is in the eyes that tell the whole story. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for presenting us your thoughts
      I'm sure it will bring more smiles