Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Heartbeat Reminder to Ambulance  
To a lover a heartbeat is a reminder that he is in love 
To a drunk a heartbeat is a reminder that he is choking 

Heartbeat Reminder (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Each heartbeat a reminder loving you
The reason the sun blessed another day
Just ask the flowers they’ll admit it’s true
A scent that heaven is not far away
Each thought of you awakes a melody
The dance of lover kissed by satin light
Just ask the stars their whispers you will see
The dream-lit path that leads my soul to flight
Each maddened moment that we are apart
A lifetime of surrender to the dark
Just ask a tear the secrets of the heart
The Joys of you forever will remark
Each heartbeat a reminder loving this
Each thought awakes a moment that you kiss

A world that becomes her is expressed in this Shakespearean sonnet. In this sonnet every first line begins with the word "Each", describing an instance. The third lines, of the quatrains, answers with "Just ask", confirming the instance. The whole sonnet is brought together in the rhyming couplet, where the memories of the first two quatrains are brought back. 

There is no question that Arlene was an important part of my life. One could say, we were a match made in heaven. Let's continue to think that. Let's put aside the fact that Arlene and I were just different enough. Alike and yet different. By accepting and taking advantage of the fact that there were some things we each did better than the other, together we became so much more. For instance (on the base side), I was a better house cleaner. Arlene was a better decorator. She would catch the things I would miss. This took the pressure off of me. The result was a cleaner house. Professionally, I was  dreamer and Arlene was more down to earth. By bouncing ideas off of each other (it was not only fun) our ideas became more. In entertainment, we were different enough to be an escape from our norm, yet there was always a doorway to return. We grew as individuals. We grew as a team. And what a team. 

We started with a love poem. This led to a tale of lovers, who made a life together. This bring things to us and our world. I believe instead of arguing about things that we think are wrong, let us work together to fix our world. What I mean is: Instead of sitting around a table, fighting about whose ideas are better, bring about a smile or two. Arguments very rarely accomplish anything. They are a waste of energy. Energy that can be better used in building something (like a smile). A smile is a person who is listening to us. And from there we start. I believe that there is a natural order of things. All things. I believe that by working together we can, we will efficiently build to that natural order. All that is not right will disappear on its own. We don't have to give any energy to negatives. Let us use every ounce of our energy to bring about smiles. And as the world around us, because of us,  gets better, Enjoy. 

How about a song with that sonnet: Santa Esmeralda "You're My Everything" 

Some people get first aid confused with lemonade 

The abdominal thrusts (or the Heimlich maneuver) is a first aid procedure used to treat upper airway obstructions (or choking) by foreign objects. The term Heimlich maneuver is named after Dr. Henry Heimlich, who first described it in 1974. Normally an easy and somewhat safe procedure, there are some who should be outlawed from using this procedure. Austin Nasso , of Chaabros, is one of those people. 
Or maybe it's just the alcohol. "Ambulance" 

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The sweetest of all sounds 
is that of the voice of the woman we love. 
Jean de la Bruyere


  1. Very true, put energy into a smile over arguing. If people would leave the door open to the possibility that they are wrong the world would be a better place

    1. Agreed!
      Thank you for adding these valuable thoughts to this edition

  2. I hate arguing. Me and mine rarely argue but if we do, Im always left feeling like its my fault and yes, energy was wasted.

    1. It is hard to believe, you argue at all.
      Thank you and may all your days be filled with beauty

  3. Arguing ties my tummy in knots. Just the same, differences/disputes/disagreements sometimes need to be discussed. Gently, with respect.

    1. ...discussed. Gently, with respect. - this is positive.
      Thank you for airing these thoughts

  4. I think this is one of my favorite poems by you. It's beautiful. I also enjoyed what you said about making a better world together vs. arguing.

    1. I've seen it. We will all work together.
      Thank you again for your warmth