Tuesday, September 20, 2016

His Legacy to Worst Heist Ever 
One man's legacy was that funeral 
One man's legacy was that robbery 

His Legacy (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I share with you this imprint of a man
Depression going far beyond regret
To such an end could not have been his plan
An empty death no mourners to upset
His wife was there she sat beside her nurse
Her mind had passed it too could not attend
Or perhaps with husband now traverse
With memories that called them round a bend
Two sons they made a point to miss the show
Add them the grand hall would have counted six
Their rudeness would and did steal any glow
They could have been out shown by useless sticks
There’s really not much more that I can add
Twelve lines replacing odes he might have had 

Depression and a warning make up this Shakespearean sonnet. Three depressing quatrains talk of one man's legacy. Three quatrains, that's all. Each containing a sad part of his farewell. The only thing sadder is that it really happened. Here is a harsh example of how a sonnet can reach for feelings and a real life warning. 

This really happened. The Lodge got a call from a funeral director. A man had died and according to his will, he wanted a Masonic funeral. The Lodge secretary, David, and I took the job. When we arrived at the funeral home there was no one there, except the funeral director, the man's wife and her nurse. The wife was suffering from Alzheimer's. The man's two sons hadn't arrived yet. 45 minutes after the service was scheduled to start, the sons still hadn't arrived, and the wife's nurse said the wife had to return to the care home. David and I decided to start. It was weird. In the large hall, there was no one there, except the wife and her nurse, David and I and a closed coffin. Into my recitation the wife started to talk with me. I worked her talking into the ritual. When the ceremony was over, who did we find outside, but the sons. David and I found them to be two disturbing "things". They didn't even talk to their mom or her nurse, who were leaving. To keep our anger down, we thanked the funeral director for contacting us. Then David and I treated ourselves to a milkshake from a great ice cream parlor across the street from the funeral parlor. Well earned. 

Some may say that the man got what he deserved. No one showed up at his funeral. Two less than favorable sons, who missed their father's funeral service. Who raises boys like these? The fact is David and I were called to do a job. The funeral director didn't appear disturbed at no one showing up. The sons... We don't really know them. We don't have to deal with them. A person died and the funeral was less than favorable. What can we do? Observe. What we perceive wrong in others, let us be certain we do not bear the same. It all starts from here. Instead of worrying about a dead man, put our thoughts with the living, Be the best you can be. People are attracted by the light. Be that light and Enjoy. 

Let us lay all less to rest: Terence Blanchard "Funeral Dirge" 

From one questionable life to another 

The Dunbar Armored Robbery in Los Angeles in 1997, where $18.9 million was stolen, is the largest cash robbery to have ever occurred in the US. Vying to top this record is Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla of Smosh. 
But since their TV is broken and they can't play Grand Theft Auto, they decided to make this video instead. "WORST HEIST EVER"

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  1. Sadly there are such people in the world, can be disturbing to witness indeed.

    1. Lessons to be learned
      T you for stopping by

  2. Wow that was quite the story. It disturbed me as a reader. I wonder what the wife may have been saying? Did your words unlock a corridor in her mind? There is darkness and there is light. We do not know the story of this family or do we? It's called dysfunctional for whatever reasons.

    You and David did your job and brought light into the darkness.

    You have chosen to be light! A much deserved milkshake.

    1. Sometimes the messenger of good come in contact with the other. Then what do we do?
      Thank you for the deep thoughts

    2. I am not sure of the question you are asking. Perhaps, I need more clarity.
      The messenger of good coming in contact with a darker force or another force of light?

    3. When we come in contact come in contact with evil (let's say)...

  3. You did the best you could, that's all you can do. I'm not sure why so few people went, but I'm glad you gave him the funeral he wanted. The poem was touching and poignant.

    1. Good attitude. No one was sure of the truth.
      Thank you as always for your light

  4. Sad. I took heart from the fact that the sons came. Their behaviour didn't meet 'community standards', but they came. Which speaks to me of a feeling of loss. And the back story is their families, and also lost.
    Thank you for what you did. And that milkshake was certainly deserved.

    1. I have done so many funerals. They do bring out some interesting characters.
      Thank you for drawing our focus on possibilities