Friday, September 2, 2016

Lasting Instance to KENZO World, le nouveau parfum 
Lovers seek a lasting freedom ignited by a kiss 
A woman seeks freedom ignited by imagination 

Lasting Instance (sonnet) 

There in the quiet softness of the night
She calls to me with her familiar song
Enthralling me again to dance along
To share this lasting instance of delight
The instance of a lasting final kiss
There drifting past the ocean of your eyes
Is waiting in a heaven made for this
Far grander than the kiss can realize
Alas so crass a world that won’t prolong
The instances your kisses can ignite
What does it know about two lovers’ plight
Who in each other’s realm do now belong
What is the passion which will set us free
That instance which slips past eternity 

Lovers again seek a path to eternity in this sonnet. This may look like a Shakespearean sonnet. But it really is not. It doesn't conform to the traditional rhyme schemes (ABAB - CDCD - EFEF GG or ABBA - CDDC -EFFE - GG). The sonnet changes rhyme form in the second quatrain. The third quatrain uses the new rhyme scheme and brings back the original rhyme (ABBA - CDCD - ABAB - EE). What does this mean? Things change. Seeking eternity, the lovers go back to the beginning. 

Arlene and I had many trips to eternity. Here's one more. We discovered La Playa when we were having trouble. in that small Richmond apartment. La Playa is a grand hotel in Carmel, within a stroll from the very scenic Pacific Ocean. Whether it was the peace we found in a very troubled time, the beauty of Carmel or romance associated with the area, Arlene and I fell in love with it all. It was a weekend, and Arlene and I needed to be by ourselves. Carmel! It was strange, the car radio was playing a lot of our favorite songs. I thought we were listening to a tape that we had made. To add to the strangeness, La Playa was extremely under booked. We were upgraded, at no additional cost. In the gardens, at the pool, at the restaurant and lounge, we noticed the lack of guests. Then there was the added attention we received from an already great staff. Arlene and I were royalty. The strangeness continued as we took in the main tourist area near La Playa. It seems that, for some reason, visitor activity was way down. And then we notice: every radio was playing a lot of our songs. It was night time when Arlene and I reentered the gardens. Out of a window, a radio was playing Donna Summers' "Last Dance". Arlene proclaimed, "It's ours!" It really was ours. An eternity set aside for us. 

Strange as it might seem, life really does set aside a special time for us. Let's pull down the veil of magic a little. That weekend in Carmel: Didn't other guests receive an upgrade? Didn't everyone who showed up in Carmel enjoy the lack of people? Don't we tend to like more songs when we are happy? Veil back up. A lot of people enjoyed a magic moment that day. Magic moments, special times happen all of the time. They could be small, like a warm smile from a stranger. They could be quite grand, like winning the lottery. Believe,know that we are all special. Special enough that we deserve these magic moments. Refreshments and rewards. And another reason to Enjoy. 

Another of those special songs: Luther Vandross "Always and Forever" 

Meet another special individual 

Kenzo is a French luxury house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Meet Sarah Margaret Qualley. Margaret is a model and actress best known for playing Jill Garvey on the HBO television series, The Leftovers. She is the central character in a commercial by KENZO World directed by Spike Jonze, which went viral. 
Note: There is nothing wrong with the sound at the beginning of this video. "KENZO World, le nouveau parfum" 

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  1. That weekend was set aside for only you two. Sweet story.

    1. Aah. The romantic you shines through.
      Thank you
      Here's wishing such moments to you

  2. I'd take something grand like winning the lottery any day lol but the little things are nice too

    1. AGREED!
      I'll take a free dime any day. But to win the big one...
      Thank you and good luck

  3. I guess I like the simple things. I also like that song by Donna Summers! Great post today Martin!

    1. "Simple things" can be immensely enjoyable.
      Thank you for your input

  4. What a lovely poem. What a wonderful experience you had, I'm glad your weekend went so well.

    1. Thank you for your fond thoughts
      I love your positive comments

  5. Serendipity is most likely to visit those who keep an open mind...

    1. I like the way you think...
      Keep it coming
      Thank you

  6. I love the story of you and Arlene in Carmel...the universe gave you a gift of synchronicity when you needed it....magical.....I love stories like that.

    1. It sure seems that way.
      I'm certain that life sprinkles its enchantment on you
      Thank you