Friday, September 9, 2016

Moonbeams’ Dance to 300 Movies On The Dance Floor 
A haunting tale of a moonlit dance 
A haunting video of dancing in movie moments 

Moonbeams’ Dance (poem) 

Moonbeams thrilled the dark and bitter night
A scent foreboding slithered in some corner
Unresting fears filled mirror of my soul
My tortured tears expressed my loneliness
Bleak silence broke as tears fell on the ground
For from some distance rose a long lost sound
Refreshing drink in world that now abounds
But emptiness made heartbeats know it’s there
By airing shattered shadows of a past
A moment’s spell from nothing long ago
And from these shadows suddenly appeared
That person who my life had once endeared
And stood beside me till our troubles cleared
Yet from our fullness days would soon be sheered
There from those tears rich music would enhance
As once again this captivating trance
Invited me to hold her in a dance
And drift with her to moments we would chance
Oh moonbeams take this challenge from my sight
Take from me from this test of deepest reason
Even the teardrops can’t be trusted
How long will this last echoed forever 

A change in a lover's evening is echoed in the form of this poem. I did bot call this a free form poem as it is both (a rhyming and free form poem). When this person is alone, with his thoughts, they are engaged in free form verse. Then something happens to change this poem into a rhyme. Also notice the order the lines. The beats are real tight while the poem is rhyming and free flowing while the speaker is alone in his thoughts.

Arlene and I were part of a haunted mystery of our own. It was a dinner dance that we arranged at the Officers' Cub, in San Francisco's Presidio. It was a warm autumn night. It was a wonderful event. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. It was time to call it an evening. The band had already played two encores. A fog was rolling in as guests were going to their cars. Arlene and I were outside when we heard the band playing one more song. It was strange. I thought I had noticed them packing up. Arlene and I took advantage of the moment. So there we were, as the fog was rolling in, enjoying a last dance outside. On the following day, the phone rang off the hook. People were calling. They wanted to know how we did it.  It seems that some of our guests stayed to watch Arlene and I dancing. As they watched, Arlene and I disappeared. I could offer no explanation, or any insight as to whether it happened at all. I was too much into Arlene at the time. 

So here we are. The product of a moment. In one world we have two lovers, lost in each other, dancing. In one world we have couples admiring a moment. In one world we have a "miracle". Three worlds become one. A legacy is born. The legacy of a night, a dance and two lovers. What are our legacies? The fact of life is that we are all special. Special things happen to us all of the time. We pass a friend. We notice a smile on their face. A smile caused by us. A memory sparkles. Our legacy. And it's getting better. It's growing. That face in the mirror. Much more than a person. A legacy. Enjoy. 

Let's take a few steps back. Back to the poem: Hayley Westenra "Dark Waltz" 

Dancing is life and here are 300 reasons why 

During the Depression, dance marathons were popular as a means to forget about daily troubles. Mike Ritof and Edith Boudreaux hold the world record. From August 29th, 1930, to April 1st, 1931, they danced for 5,154 hours and 48 minutes - that's 214 days. Dancing is an important part of our day to day life. As proof of this, dance scenes are part of many of our movies. Antonio Maria da Silva as gathered just 300 of these movie scenes up and created an amazing video. 

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The moments of happiness we enjoy 
take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, 
but that they seize us. 
Ashley Montagu


  1. Hello, beautiful poem and story. The last dance in the fog sounds magical. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. From someone who takes such beautiful pictures, this is quite a compliment.
      Thank you

  2. Getting lost as two can sure bring forth a whole new view.

    1. Sounds like "it" happened to you.
      Thank you. Always good to see you

  3. How wonderful to be lost in each other. Your poem is haunting, I liked the line "Even the teardrops can’t be trusted" especially...

    1. You have been lost in love too...
      Thank you for this out pour of good feelings

  4. Lost in the moment and the magic of each other. Dancing to their own heartbeat. They drifted into another realm beyond the fog, a time meant for just two.

    Reminds me of a poem I once wrote about the one dance. It seems so long ago, I think I feel a teardrop rolling down my cheek.

    1. You have experience in this
      Continue to build dreams...
      Thank you for bringing a dream here

  5. Love is a mystery to too many. And for those who know it, it brings mysteries of its own.

    1. Aah, but to live a dream...
      You know "it"...
      Thank you. Let's dream some more