Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pathways to The Vlogfather: Shay Carl 
Two lovers search for the secrets of their life 
A mafia boss vlogs more than he should of the secrets of his life 

Pathways (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Oh sing to me of pathways to the heart
Who dances through all thoughts I’ve come to know
Was there a time before we had our start
I gaze at stars for what they might bestow
Oh whisper of the breeze you set my way
Whose trances bring to life a fantasy
Was there a time before our yesterday
I gaze at stars and wonder what they see
I gaze at stars which fill my heart with hope
Whose glances aren’t so very hard to take
Was there a time before with which to cope
Oh kiss me now and give my mind a break
Oh sing to me of pathways to our love
I’ll share it with the timeless stars above

A question unites and guides this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet handle conflict a little differently. Rather than being confined to one stanza, they are spread in all of the quatrains, in the form of a line which starts "Was there a time before ...".  In addition to the line, is the word "Oh". "Oh" begins the first two stanzas, only to be relegated to the last line in the third stanza. "Oh" again takes its place in the proclamation of the rhyming couplet. In that proclamation there is no room for conflict. 

Aah, those disco days, or should I say daze. Arlene was in charge of clothes shopping. Hers as well as mine. Her sense of fashion was extraordinary. Thanks to Arlene, we were always leaders in fashion. Not followers. Always trend setters. To this, our hair stylist, Ed, was part on our crew. Ed was always ahead of the times with his styles and Arlene and I were his models. Add to this, Arlene and I were members of an "exclusive" dance club. The club threw dance parties in a variety of venues. One of our favorite venues was dancing on the bay. The club would secure a boat with a good sized dance floor, complete with hors d'oeuvres and drinks. It was a calm, clear San Francisco night. On the bay, the stars are much brighter. Then there are the stars in Arlene's eyes, as we danced outside, on the ship's deck. It didn't matter what music was playing, we followed the beat in our heart. Few were the words that left our lips, and these were only to fill the mood. Arlene and I, like the moves in our dance. knew what the other was saying beyond words. As the music went on, everything seemed to disappear. There was only Arlene and me. When we woke from our dream to breath out our experience and revel in the sights and the moment, we couldn't help but notice that other couples were inspired. 

We all have magic moments (available). That dance club was as "exclusive" as those willing to pay the fee. Those magic moments are there for those willing to let them happen. Moments just for us, Moments shared with others. Moments that happen right now. Moments that take time to take in. And guess what. These moments are just for us. Specifically just for us. It is up to us to claim them. To make them happen. I am only affirming what most already know. What most already live. Go out into a world of special moments. Magic moments waiting for us to Enjoy. 

How about we throw in a little romantic music with all of this: Kim Waters "Love's Melody" 

There are some who should maintain their secrecy 

Vlog is a form of blog for which the medium is video. The first vlog appeared on January 2, 2000, when Adam Kontras posted a video alongside a blog entry aimed at informing his friends and family of his cross-country move to Los Angeles. Since then many have gotten involved in vlogging. Some who maybe shouldn't. Like the one captured y Studio C. 
Even if this video is not funny, it might be best to laugh, "The Vlogfather: Shay Carl" 

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The moments of happiness we enjoy 
take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, 
but that they seize us. 
Ashley Montagu 


  1. Plenty of moments come to pass, throughout life they collect in mass.

    1. Thank you well said
      For insight you shed

  2. I'm glad you shared such magical moments. Your poem is lovely.

    1. So happy that you enjoyed
      Thank you. Dream on

  3. Love that you cherish your moments, and hope you continue to make and store them.

    1. We all ave magic moments.
      Thank you for your warm wishes