Sunday, September 11, 2016

Red Rock to From Here On Out 
Couples find a place to celebrate a beginning 
Individuals find a place to celebrate themselves   

Red Rock (lyrical poem) 

It set upon a golden stair
With dreams of kisses waiting there
An island in a peaceful sea
Of stars that twinkled everywhere
It’s there my lover waits for me
To add our names so carefully
With legends who had come before
And share with them eternity
Red Rock a haven lovers’ hideaway
Red Rock a memory for yesterday
So to each night our dreams can safely stray
Red Rock a heart where lovers go to play
We grew and ran to Red Rock’s shore
But found a new world to explore
And left the stone to hearts that moan
While lovers dance upon a floor
Red Rock a piece of heaven slipped away
Red Rock a memory for yesterday
So to each night two children safely stray
Red Rock will keep our values on display
We were young and on our own
And through a tempest we were thrown
Into a world which didn’t care
As much as we about a stone
This rock without a single voice to say
Red Rock a memory for yesterday
So to each night a lover’s tear will stray
To the rock up on a hill
To the rock residing still
In hearts of lovers
It hovers
Warm covers
Like those of Red Rock 

One more couple joins a memory in this lyrical poem. The verses in this lyrical poem are set up like a round. The round happens and makes itself know on the third line of each verse. The last verse leads back to the first. The last chorus turns into a coda. 

It is gone now. Apartments have taken its place. Back in the day, in the Diamond Heights district there was a naked hill, crowned by a large rock. The rock had a view of the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The only way to get to the rock was to climb. Climb the hill. This was Red Rock. A place for young lovers to go, share a kiss and add their names to all those who had gone before. Arlene and I were one of those couples. We kissed and etched our names on the eastern side of Red Rock. As custom had it, a couple only had to visit Red Rock once. Kiss and leave their names. From then on, a couple would catch an occasional glimpse of the rock and know what happened there. Ironically, the rock and the hill were replaced were replaced by apartments during the sane time period that Arlene and I were having problems. Imagine waking up and continuing on with a love affair and finding a whole hill gone. Red Rock is gone. The names are gone. But I was there.

Red Rock is gone. Dancing in ice cream parlors is gone. Bad movies for kissing teens in theaters, gone. These were passing moments. Some of many. They come and go. There are new moments all of the time. All those crazy kids and their cell phones. Moments. Those high school years. The latest hit show that everyone just has to watch (but me). Moments. Even the great empires were moments. Then there is the greatest moment of all: You and me, now. That's right, accept it or not, we are all moments. Moments for ourselves and everyone, everything we touch. Most moments tend to take ourselves for granted. After all, we ave been living with this amazement, this moment all of our lives. Doubt? Take a moment to ponder all that you do well. Red Rock is gone. but we just celebrated one of many moment's memory of it. This is your moment. You are this moment so Enjoy. 

In honor of Red Rock: Peter Hollens "Kiss The Girl" 

You romantics are going to love this viral video 

According to Dating Averages, the most common time for breakups is around three to five months. What people do after a breakup varies a great deal. Philip Wang, of Wong Fu Productions, has come up with a moving direction. His vision is that everyone has excuses to stay. Find reasons to go. Then we find out that this is not limited to relationships that don't work. 
Not all viral videos I select are funny. I hope that we enjoy this one. "From Here On Out" 

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Life isn't a matter of milestones, 
but of moments. 
Rose Kennedy


  1. Ive known of places like this. They eventually disapear leaving memories under the asphault and concrete slabs haunting the halls of new homes.

    1. So kind of you to try to make me feel unalone.
      Thank you

  2. Yep, everything and everyone has their moment and then change ensures that moment is gone.

    1. Rest assured, noting is completely gone
      Especially the joy you bring.
      Thank you

  3. What a lovely poem. Change can be difficult at times, I'm glad you had that moment to remember even though the hill is gone now...

    1. Thank you for relating with me.A warm cup of coffee with a friend is nice...