Sunday, September 25, 2016

Slumber to Le Alien 
Lovers captured by a slumber 
An alien from France is captured 

Slumber (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Was it a dream which slumber took away
When lovers’ laughter captured for all time
And tender gazes had much more to say
Each secret kiss held meaning so sublime
Was it mere dream which slumber brushed aside
That paradise of wonder which we shared
When we bared whispers hidden deep inside
And everything we hoped for was found there
What slumber turns a day to endless night
Encumbers hearts so they can’t sing along
We lumber under shadows of delight
And number how much longer we’ll stay strong
Was it our dream which slumber filled with doubt
Wake up wake up it’s time that we find out 

Realities are challenged in this one Shakespearean sonnet. There is a lot going on in this sonnet. We have the references to a dream which disappears in the third stanza and reappear in the rhyming couplet. There is the conflict between dream and slumber. There is the wordplay in the third stanza. Most of all, there are the number of ways this sonnet can be taken. 

When I put this sonnet together I tried to put two ideas into one sonnet. One idea was: Most people have dreams and a wonderful life that expresses those dreams. Arlene ad I lived beyond the dreams we had during our sleep. So when we say, "Wake up, wake up" we are referring to waking up from slumber to enjoy another day. During these happy times, we wondered about those bad times of before. How could two dream lover have drifted so far off the path? So here we have a sonnet (the same one) about two people who loved each other very much, then slumbering in a nightmare. The nightmare was what was eating at that relationship, between two young lovers, at that small Richmond district apartment. So when we say, "Wake up, wake up" we are referring to waking up from the slumber of a dismal period. I creating a sonnet that can be both light or heavy. I noticed that the sonnet wakes up so much more. 

Many can relate to this poem, in one way or another. If you are one of those whose life is better than any dream, then may it never end. Such is life. We go along one day after another and then we look around and wonder where we are at. How did we get here? Do we like it? This is not limited to love. I wish I was qualified to share how and why this happens and a possible solution. Even more challenging, it as come to my attention that even trained professionals (doctors) have varied views to cure the same malady. In the end, all we have is us. Could it be that here is our beginning? Wake up. Wake up. Listen. watch and observe And as we return to our peace, Enjoy. 

And now for something completely different: Youn Sun Nah "Empty Dream" 

Wouldn't it be funny if aliens landed from another planet that spoke perfect Spanish 

Perhaps the first UFO sighting happened in 1450 B.C., when Egyptians recorded seeing brilliant circles of light in the sky. Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell captures himself a U.F.O. (Unidentified French Organism). He calls his friend Antoine Daniel for help. If we find ourselves overrun by aliens we best refer to this video. Why? Because it's funny. 
This video carries the following warning. CONTENT WARNING: Gunfire, creepy black eyes, light bondage. "Le Alien" 

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Matt Cameron


  1. I cant really say if my life is better than a dream or that a dream is better than my life. Thats the fun of living, wondering whats next and the things we dream of could be near or far.

    1. Sounds to me, you're in a perfect place.
      Long may it continue.
      Thank you for attesting that these are possible

  2. Life can take so many twists and turns you just never know, a lot of it can be crap, but getting back up and pushing on helps keep one's eyes open.

    1. Spoken like a true liver (a person of experience)
      Thank you for sharing this valuable insght

  3. I am a dreamer so slumbering into a dreamworld is natural for me, I guess it would be nice for some of those dreams to awaken in the reality state, but then again which is the real reality. Wake up..wake up and see the beauty that is out there.

    Maybe, I should go back to sleep and dream on this sonnet..

    Have a wonderful Sunday Martin!

    You seemed to have had a magical life, but many do not and life takes a spin and turns the best of lives upside down and inside out.

    1. You certainly sound like a dreamer.
      Make the most of it and enjoy life...
      Thank you for the warm words

  4. Life has its ups and its downs. I choose to use the ups to get through the downs, with hopes of more joy to come.

    1. Your blogs speak of a person with adventures ahead
      Thank you and to good times

  5. Dreams can be quite interesting and your contrast between what is a sleeping dream and what is a wonder of living a dream is fascinating indeed...

    1. What a mind to set awonder
      Thank you for the complement

  6. Densely reflective. Sometimes dreams DO come true, and if not they can be delighted in while they last.

    1. Thank you for sharing this truth (about dreams)

  7. I guess I can say I'm living the Dream!! I've been blessed with good jobs most of my life, a wonderful and beautiful family, and so far good health. So I call that living the dream. Thanks Martin

    1. Thank you for such a great example of living the dream.
      May it never end