Monday, September 5, 2016

Stay Here With Me to Lightsaber Safety 
Lovers find a place to let their passions flow safely 
Instructions to use a lightsaber safely 

Stay Here With Me (acrostic sonnet) 

Soft kiss which whispers promises are near
To where our heaven gently lights a dream
Adrift upon imagination’s stream
Yearning turning burning to be here
Here where another world awaits outside
Enthralled by all the Joy we have to share
Raise mountains as we lovers take to air
Engaged uncaged assuaging thirst we glide
We glide in realms which only lovers know
Its key is hidden safely in our heart
That we may safely let our passions flow
Here with this kiss all other bliss will start
Meer memories will echo endlessly
Enjoy forever’s kiss stay here with me 

When the Word Wizardry ends two lovers will be off in this acrostic sonnet. Yes, this is a Shakespearean sonnet, as it follow its form. It also is an acrostic poem. In it also are rhymes within rhymes (like: Yearning turning burning).  Also notice that the last word(s) of each quatrain begins the next. When all of this ends, two lovers are off. The meaning of a this: Two lovers escape the fancies of the world. 

The San Francisco Bay Area is pretty remarkable. Not only is there plenty to see and experience here, there are worlds waiting within a few hours drive. As glorious as the Bay Area is, there was one world far more glorious. In a canoe with Arlene in my arms. At lovers' lane (Lands End) watching the sun go down. Under a blanket, with Arlene, dreaming in front of the fireplace. Cuddling on the roof, taking in the moon and the stars. Dancing with Arlene in my arms. Listening as Arlene sings me her favorite song. Getting lost in a moment, strolling hand in hand. Enjoying a bad movie. Adventuring in those eyes. And the wonders go on and on. These all sound different, except for this paradox. We have arrived once more. There were many door, but they all opened to a place. A place far more glorious than the Bay Area. Perhaps you have been there. 

Aah the world of love. The realm of love. The best I can do is describe what I've seen, what I've experienced, what I've felt. Yet, it falls far short of what you've seen, your experiences, your feelings. It's not that any person's love is grander than another's. It's just that love is an individual thing. The grandest love of all is our love. There is no love grander than ours. Think about it. When anyone tries to express a great love, aren't they trying to spark something within us? As our love is touched, it grows, and it grows, and it grows. It grows beyond our ability to control it. And its facets. The endless things love touches, love effects. And it all starts here. And it is all meant for us to Enjoy. 

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To all things - Safety First 

In George Lucas’s earliest draft of the Star Wars script, the lightsaber was called the laser sword. Luckily that did not stick and they switched it back to lightsaber. Back in 1977 the lightsaber was fictitious. Today, as Star Wars again grows in popularity, people are working to make fiction a reality. Since, in today's world, safety as become a priority, shouldn't we address lightaber safety? Nukazooka  is on it. They have looked at the issue and have put out a valuable safety video. 
Valuable if one needs a laugh. "Lightsaber Safety 101" 

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If I had a flower for every time I thought of you… 
I could walk through my garden forever.
Alfred Tennyson


  1. Yep, every part comes back to us a whole, what we've experienced of it

    1. Thank you so much for testifying our common thoughts

  2. I like this style of poem.

    1. Acrostic poetry doesn't have to be this hard or rhyme.
      Thank you and have fun

  3. Love is indeed a beautiful spark. Thanks for the beauty in your words...

  4. Love is a precious and many splendoured thing.

    1. And so let drift away
      Thank you for these melodic reminders

  5. Pretty love poem and quote! Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!