Monday, September 26, 2016

The Forgotten Garden to Mon Daycare 
A father who took unusual care of his wife and children 
A daycare that takes care of unusual children 

The Forgotten Garden (English sonnet) 

His garden held such beauty all could see
His wife brought glory to the morning’s glow
His children danced with ladies where they’d grow
As flowers filled the air from every tree
A scene the man would never come to know
Of wife caressing daisies happily
And children playing daisies for her glee
Outside those windows lost so long ago
Perhaps a breeze recalls the reason why
The man found purpose peering through a shade
They all recall he didn’t even try
To see the world he made begin to fade
And as they sadly cry they’re taken by
Cascades of darkness where his eyes now wade 

A story of a man's life is questioned in this English sonnet. Only 14 lines of 10 syllables each to tell a man's tale.The two quatrains paint an overall picture. The couplets address one facet of the picture; in this case a man. The ending is somewhat confusing in regard to a truth I've seen.

I met Jake in junior high school. He was the son of the band instructor. To me, Jake was a nice guy. To Jake, I was a guy who went against his mother to be his friend. Jake was Jewish and my mother hated "Jews". Jake's grades were just good enough to get into Lowell,  one of California's top schools. Studies at Lowell were very challenging for Jake, but he made time for me. I lost touch wit Jake when he went away to college. Five years later, guess whose back? He brought with him a beautiful wife. He landed a job at Charles Schwab brokerage house. He was very busy, but he still made time for his old friend. Jake was very successful at Charles Schwab. He was making tons of money and was moving up at the price of the hours he put in. On his sixth wedding anniversary, he bought a large home with land in Sausalito. He asked his wife to stop working and focus on raising a family, They would have two fine young men. Jake had an office at his home overlooking a portion of is property where his family would play (without him). Jake is a multi-millionaire, at the price of being with his family. What a price. What a sacrifice! One evening I had a chance to ask Jake about it all. He simply said, with a smile, "I did this all for them."

There we have it. Was it all worth it? Becoming a millionaire at the cost of not being with our family? I can hear all of the Nos. But at least one person thought so. We have all heard the saying, "Money won't buy everything." Taken literally, that's true. But there are two young men who won't have to sacrifice. A father they rarely saw has opened doors for them. Was it all worth it? This is a personal thing. What one may do, another may not. We are all different. To make matters more complicated. What we may not do now, we may do at another time. With all of this: What is important to us? What is important to you, now? And as we travel on this journey of discovery Enjoy.

What about a tune for all this thinking: Quantic "Time Is The Enemy" 

Looking for a daycare 

According to Childcare Aware of America, the cost of child care for two children in a center-based care facility was the largest family expense per year in every region except for the West (where household costs were slightly more). Averaged across the four regions, such care runs just over $18,000 a year. That is, if our child is normal. What if our child has super powers? For this we will have to turn to Freddie Wong, of RocketJump. 
Oh oh, looks like Freddie's daycare as a competitor. "Mon daycare"

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A wise man should have money in his head, 
but not in his heart. 
Jonathan Swift


  1. Hello, love the poem. It is sad your friend did not leave time for his family. Family should come first even before money. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. In his own way Jake put his family over even himself.
      We are not Jake
      Thank you. Look forward to more great photos

  2. Family over money in a way, as long as you can survive. A happy family from money and not seeing them, is better than seeing them and living off food stamps.

    1. Another insight
      Thank you for providing more to think about

  3. He paid a very high price. It was worth it to him, but I do wonder whether his wife and children would agree...

    1. That is a thought... How are others affected?
      Thank you for bringing our this to our attention

  4. It's an interesting question. We strive to do our best, his was what he chose... Thanks for the intriguing thoughts today.

    1. Another perspective...
      Thank you for this
      much appreciated